Bone China a Staple of Ceramic Mugs

Bone China coffee mugs are a staple of fine ceramics design. One may ask “What’s the difference between fine and bone china?”, and the answer is very simple, as we filter out the basic misunderstanding about the material.

The answer is cow bone ash and kaolin, a fine clay mineral. A blend of carefully selected materials, the bone china is a true oriental wonder of ceramics. Selecting properly, many prefer the creamy white version opposed to the regular white in fine china. One must pay attention to detail when choosing. Ezymugs offer you the best of the best when it comes to promotional items.

Through a very delicate process by mixing the finely grinded bone ash with the other materials, the texture ends up looking very smooth, while being finished with a very creamy colour. One can tell the difference between fine and bone china when you place the cup under light, to see the texture. Of course, the difference is visible – the bone china has its own distinctive look and feel and reflects more light than the other materials.

That being said, bone china mugs offer you nothing but high quality, exceptional design, with a stylish oriental design, while at the same time granting many choices and ways to place your picture or message on the spacious side of the mug. The extra space means more ideas for promoting a company logo, a quote, message, a picturesque landscape, or a simple “I need coffee” to state the obvious.

This oriental mug can hold 280ml, and boasts a quirky minimal design that goes with every occasion, be it office mugs or ceremonial tea parties. Highly suited for gifting, and giveaways, the classic bone china mugs have a classic design to suit the occasion. The Classic Bone China mugs are great for business meetings and formal occasions. They also fit right at home in domestic environments, restaurants, diners, café’s, bars, night clubs, and many other fine dining establishments that require a more minimalistic approach.

The Classic Bone China promotional mug is also equipped with a very stylish packaging for a pleasant surprise as a gift for your friends and family. Ezymugs will gladly supply gift boxes which go with the Classic Bone China mug. It also comes with many different varieties of colours and textures, depending if you’d like to order it as a gift or for some other promotional occasion.

Build your Business with a Promotional Ceramic Mug

When it comes to building a new business, getting the word out about a new product, or simply keeping your services at the top of mind, you can’t go wrong with a quality promotional ceramic mug. Offering everything from the traditional styled mug through to colour changing and photo mugs, coffee mugs are a great promotional tool for any business.

EzyMugs offers a large range of ceramic mugs to businesses, covering everything from a standard promotional mug through to a café range. Branded coffee mugs can help bring business through your door, and the range of durable, long-lasting and well-made coffee mugs from EzyMugs are a great choice.

The Barrel Coffee Mug is available in three standard colours – black, cobalt blue and white – and in a large 440ml capacity. With a large logo print space available, these mugs are a great choice for Christmas gifts for any business.

The Office Mug comes with its own silicone base making it perfect for the home or office – there’ll be no burnt desks or easily knocked over mugs of coffee with the Office Mug. With a large range of colours, and a great logo print space, these mugs are perfect for promotional giveaways and gifts.

For cafes and restaurants looking for a basic yet durable coffee mug to use, or for brands to distribute to the hospitality industry, the Valentia offers a tapered mug that’s stylish and looks good. Available in standard colours, these mugs are a great way to promote your café, restaurant or coffee brand.

EzyMugs also offers a range of mug gift boxes, giving you options for presenting your mugs as gifts or as promotional merchandise.

Branded coffee mugs have long been an established way of getting a business brand in the face of customers and clients, and the range of mugs from EzyMugs ensures you’re getting a durable, long-wearing, stylish and quality promotional mug for your business.

New Addition To Our Travel Mugs Range

Ezymugs has added some great new models to our already extensive range of promotional travel mugs. Our new travel mugs are designed to enhance any serious promotional marketing campaign. They are all very sturdy and stylish mugs and are sure to impress your valuable clientele. Our new range of travel mugs includes:

  • Atlantico Stainless Steel Mug – Is a 473ml double wall constructed mug with a plastic interior and stainless steel exterior. It is a popular mugs and has an easy to grip handle and a push on lock top lid.
  • The Baltic Mug – Is a 473ml double wall constructed mug with a stainless steel interior and exterior. Also comes with a handle and a convenient push on lock top lid.
  • The Barola Mug – Is a  473ml double wall constructed tumbler with a plastic interior, a stainless steel exterior and a spill resistant lock top lid. This item comes individually packaged.
  • The Coffee Cup Tumbler – Is a 470ml insulated tumbler in the shape of a paper coffee cup with a screw on lid. Great for all marketing events.
  • The Sarasota Mug – Is a 503ml double wall constructed mug with a plastic interior and stainless steel exterior. A large grip for easy handling.
  • The Tasman Mug – This great promotional mug comes with a push on lock top lid. Easily fits into most car cup holders.
  • The Wharton Mug – A 450ml high quality tumbler with stainless steel interior and a screw on flip top lid. It has a very stylish look to impress your customer.

For these and our complete range of promotional coffee mugs you can contact EzyMugs for pricing or order online using our simple order form.

Stylish Travel Cups help Promote your Business Throughout Winter

With winter quickly arriving, now is the time to order your promotional coffee travel mugs. While ceramic mugs are great for the home or office, a branded travel mug will continue to bring awareness to your business while your customers and clients are on the move.

Coffee mugs have long been used as promotional tools and many businesses have started to recognise the benefit of utilising travel mugs to spread the word of their services and products.

The Express Cup is the perfect promotional travel mug – two great sizes available, plenty of bright base colours, and three prominent spots to print your logo or branding message. The cups are made from BPA-free food grade polypropylene materials, and are shipped with a heat resistant silicone band as well as a silicone lid.

Branded travel mugs are great tools to help spread the name and services of your business. They make a solid choice for promotional merchandise, or as a giveaway or gift. For cafes, these are a great way to boost sales and help promote your business – simply make them available for sale, and then offer your customers a discount for using their branded mugs instead of paper takeaway cups.

Running a seminar or attending a trade show or function? The Express Cup is a good choice to pop into a gift bag, or to giveaway to attendees – they sure stand out and make a great gift over the traditional promotional pen.

If your business is in the market for a new promotional coffee mug, and you’re looking for quality and style, the Express Cup is the way to go.

The Express Cup is available in 350ml and 480ml sizes from EzyMugs. Order your promotional travel mugs today.

Get Your ID Gear From Ezy Lanyards

If you are look for some ID items for your next promotional campaign look no further the Ezy Lanyards. Ezy Lanyards is a sister website of Ezy Mugs and offers a huge range of printed lanyards, Wristbands and luggage straps. If you go to the website you will find the largest range of ID products in the market. Ezy Lanyards offer a great range of printing and branding options to ensure that you will get what you need for your next event.

Amongst other things they offer a great sublimation lanyard. Now you may be thinking “what is that?” Well it is quite simple. A sublimation lanyards is basically a digitally printed lanyard.

Why Digital Print?

Great question! You generally digital or sublimation print where there is a gradient in the logo. So if the colours of the logo or lanyard design are not solid colours you need to digital print. For practical purposes you can’t screen print a logo with a gradient. Another reason for it would be durability. You see if you sublimation print then the logo will not rub off in the long term as the print becomes part of the lanyard. With screen print over time the log can fade or rub off. With sublimation this is generally not the case.

What about there other products?

Well ezylanyards also offer wristbands, luggage straps, short straps and lanyard accessories. That said the parent company which is Ezypromos offers a one-stop shop for promotional and branded products.

So if you require a printed lanyard look no further then Ezy Lanyards

Kenya Irish Great Promotional Mug

When it comes to serving your drinks up to customers, you need something stylish and easy to drink from. While many shot glasses are only used to prepare drinks, when you need to serve a drink from a speciality glass you can’t go past the Kenya Irish.

With a 230ml capacity these glasses make perfect sense to use as a promotional glass. With the option to colour print your logo and a large printing space, the Kenya Irish is a great way to help promote your brand or your latest drink creation.

Our Kenya Irish glass is perfect for use in function centres, restaurants, cafes and bars, and makes for a great wedding gift with your favourite bottle of liquor for your bridal party or guests. Printed with your name and wedding date, they make a great keepsake.

Looking for a great branded glass for your next corporate function? With a minimum order of 72, these are a handy little promotional tool. Use them for drinks at your corporate dinner or as giveaways in gift or event bags.

Promotional glasses are used by many drinks brands around the world; used to promote new drinks, as giveaways or in giftpacks. While many businesses use the standard shot glass to help promote your brand, with the Kenya Irish you can help your business stand out.

If your business needs a great new promotional speciality glass, you can’t go past the Kenya Irish.