Ivory Double for Premium Promotional Tumbler

Glassware is an important factor when it comes to events, functions or the office kitchen. It isn’t a new idea when it comes to promotional items but it is certainly an effective options.

Choosing the promotional glassware to use is important though; you need something that can be used for multiple purposes but still looks professional enough for meetings. A high quality glass is important as is a product that is well made; if you can fit a logo print on it, than you can turn a simple glassware item into a promotional product.

Tumblers come in all shapes and sizes but when you are looking for something special for your next event or to impress in the office, the Ivory Double has a modern and stylish look that everyone will love.

One of the great things about promotional glassware is that it can be used and presented in so many ways – gift boxes, gift packs, wine packs or used as its own packaging with a small gift inside. Our Ivory Double tumbler can be presented with a quality bottle of spirits in one of our gift packs.

Glassware is a great promotional items for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are acceptable giftware for a range of people, and secondly, due to the very nature of glassware, you can be sure it will be used over and over keeping your brand top of mind.

The Ivory Double has a large capacity of 320ml with a large logo print area making it a perfect promotional glassware item for any upcoming promotional events and campaigns.

Belle Porcelain Mug An Elegant Choice

Sometimes you just need a promotional coffee mug that oozes style while still remaining a classic design. The Belle Porcelain Mug is perfect for your clients who work in the corporate world and need stylish coffee mugs around the office. The Belle Porcelain Mug is a bright white promotional mug and is suitable for a range of promotional campaigns or ongoing branding opportunities. Due to the style of the mug, they are also perfect for use in cafes and restaurants when you need something different to the traditional style café crockery.

When looking for a promotional coffee mug, companies are often after a product which will help their logo and marketing message stand out. The Belle is a great choice for this; with a 330ml capacity and a white background, your logo print is certainly going to stand out. Even better is that the Belle Porcelain promotional mug is budget friendly, so you receive a great looking mug without breaking your marketing budget.

Companies often choose a standard coffee mug for their promotional campaigns, thinking that the stock-standard style will suit everyone. While that is correct, the point of a promotional mug is choosing one that everyone will love, and then use. In turn, this shows off your brand to people who may never have heard of your company.

The Belle is a popular promotional mug with a range of clients. The flared lip and heart-shaped, easy to hold handle mean that it is a great choice for any of your clients or customers, while the style and quality porcelain material provide a quality, good looking mug.

If you need a good looking but traditionally styled quality promotional coffee mug, you can’t go past the Belle.

Colour Change Mugs For Added Impact

Do you need a promotional mug that is different from the rest? What about two promotional messages you’d like to combine into the one coffee mug? Colour Change branded mugs are a great option for a promotional campaign for almost any business.

There are two major advantages of Colour Change branded mugs. Firstly, they are interesting and will certainly get the attention of your customers and clients, as well as anyone who will see them. Secondly, they allow you to have two promotional messages rather than the standard one message. Your clients and customers simply need to pour hot liquids into the mug and while one message disappears, another appears.

Promotional coffee mugs are a great promotional product choice for a range of uses – adding into corporate gift baskets, adding into event gift bags, promotional giveaways, promotional merchandise, or simply giving to new clients. If you run a funky coffee shop, these mugs are perfect for advertising your business or products.

These promotional mugs come with a couple of different printing methods. The base print is a sublimation print, which simply means that your finished base print will have a photo quality finish that is bright and glossy. The overprint (or the top print) is available in a pad print or wrap print. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure these mugs will stand out amongst any others your customers or clients may have.

Colour Change promotional mugs are a perfect branded mug for a promotional campaign with a difference that your clients and customers will love.