Plastic Promotional Coffee Mugs

A promotional coffee mug that can’t be broken is the dream product for every marketing department out there.

While ceramic mugs look great, they are often at the mercy of clumsiness, and can easily be broken. This means they go into the bin, and you’ve lost the opportunity for continued marketing.

Our Plastic Coffee Mugs offer the same great look, that is unable to be easily broken. They are eco-friendly and made from a high grade food safe plastic. With their bright colours and large print area, these branded coffee mugs will certainly be noticed when you present them to your clients or customers.

Because these mugs are made of plastic, they are a great marketing tool for those businesses who specialise in outdoor activities such as camping, fishing or hiking where a plastic coffee mug can’t be easily broken while in transit or in use. They are also perfect to take to the kid’s sporting events with a thermos of coffee on a cold winter morning.

Many of our customers use the Plastic Coffee Mugs for children’s promotional activities. The mugs are a great way to promote new films, new local activities, community events and children’s concerts to families, or a great product to use as promotional merchandise.

Due to their large size they can be used a “packaging” for other promotional items such as USB’s, pens, promotional lollies and the like. Package up a couple of your branded items in one of these coffee mugs, and slip inside gift bags at your next conference or sales event.

If your business needs a great looking promotional coffee mug, but don’t want to take the chance with a ceramic mug, our branded Plastic Coffee Mug is a great alternative product.

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