Stylish Travel Cups help Promote your Business Throughout Winter

With winter quickly arriving, now is the time to order your promotional coffee travel mugs. While ceramic mugs are great for the home or office, a branded travel mug will continue to bring awareness to your business while your customers and clients are on the move.

Coffee mugs have long been used as promotional tools and many businesses have started to recognise the benefit of utilising travel mugs to spread the word of their services and products.

The Express Cup is the perfect promotional travel mug – two great sizes available, plenty of bright base colours, and three prominent spots to print your logo or branding message. The cups are made from BPA-free food grade polypropylene materials, and are shipped with a heat resistant silicone band as well as a silicone lid.

Branded travel mugs are great tools to help spread the name and services of your business. They make a solid choice for promotional merchandise, or as a giveaway or gift. For cafes, these are a great way to boost sales and help promote your business – simply make them available for sale, and then offer your customers a discount for using their branded mugs instead of paper takeaway cups.

Running a seminar or attending a trade show or function? The Express Cup is a good choice to pop into a gift bag, or to giveaway to attendees – they sure stand out and make a great gift over the traditional promotional pen.

If your business is in the market for a new promotional coffee mug, and you’re looking for quality and style, the Express Cup is the way to go.

The Express Cup is available in 350ml and 480ml sizes from EzyMugs. Order your promotional travel mugs today.