Personalised Coffee Mugs Not Just For Winter

Coffee mugs are often associated with cold winters day when you are rugged up and sipping on a cup of warn tea or coffee. As such they are a popular promotional item to give to customers during the winter months for just that reason. Whether given individually or as in a pack with other promotional items they make a great gift item for just that purpose.

That said personalised coffee mugs are an all year gift which are a great addition to any promotional campaign. Personalised coffee mugs might be associated with a warm drink but people drink tea and coffee all year round. It is not just a winter drink. Also a coffee mug need not just be used for drinking a warm drink. There are those who also drink water out of a mug or any other cold drink. People are usually very guarded about their coffee mugs and like to keep them close by.

That is why a personalised coffee mugs is a great gift to give on any occasion. If you a hard pressed to think of a promotional product to use in a marketing campaign or just as a corporate gift then coffee mugs is the way to go. So no matter what month of the year or season, choose a personalised coffee mug for your next campaign.

Belle Porcelain Mug Excellent For Logos

The Ezymugs Belle Porcelain Mug offers nothing but the best in simplicity, style, and elegance for promotional products. When choosing between porcelain mugs and ceramic mugs, one must note that the basic difference is sustainability. Porcelain mugs are a fantastic choice when more air of elegance is desired.

Where bone china mugs might offer a creamy white look, the Belle Porcelain comes in with a gleaming bright white mug in all its sturdiness and splendor. The Belle Porcelain mug has a slightly flared lip on top and a heart-shaped handle, which give a contemporary and sardonic feel with the attributes of a classic material like porcelain, and is guaranteed to spruce up your style to your promotional gifts.

With its modern look, the Belle Porcelain mug will look good anywhere – kitchen, living room, or office desk. The large mug boasts a capacity of 280ml which means that it has enough room for any logos or messages. Additionally, the bright white background helps in emphasizing the printed logo and it will stand out with ease. The Belle Porcelain Mug will charm and please all your customers and clients guaranteed.

Porcelain mugs are normally made from kaolin clay and baked at up to 1400 degrees Celsius, which explains its bright white shine and thin walls. We call them “china” due to the simple fact that it was developed and manufactured in China. The process was later imitated by the Europeans for 200 years before perfecting a fine reproduction of the same material, as it was regarded as quite valuable and rare.

Above all, porcelain mugs are very lightweight, fragile, and have a translucent hue when held up to the light. The Belle Porcelain mugs are perfect for all your promotional needs such as: promotional merchandise or corporate gifts. As with all our fine china with printing qualities, the Ezymugs Belle Porcelain mugs will spice up your promotional and marketing campaigns.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to own one of our porcelain mugs if you are in a dire need of a high quality promotional mug. With a slightly creamier, warmer tone, our Porcelain mugs will stand out with ease when it comes to promoting your logo or marketing campaign.

Our promotional Porcelain Mugs are suited for all of your clients’ and customers’ needs. They are great for promotional purposes when you are in need of style points in the corporate world, or are simply looking forward to making a great impression on your clients. Armed with a traditional yet sleek style, the high quality material and the ease for printing make our branded Porcelain suited for every promotional purpose and will look right at home anywhere from any household kitchen to the CEO’s desk.

All of the mugs’ sizes fit excellently for logo printing, as the white background helps the logo stand out even more among the vast array of appliances, mugs, and other promotional items. If your customers and clients demand nothing but quality, our branded porcelain mugs are a great option for a corporate or promotional gift and they are guaranteed to deliver.

Everybody Loves Colour Change Mugs

Everybody loves colour change mugs. Then again, who doesn’t? There is something magical about filling the cup and watching it reveal the hidden message or picture on the surface. The fascinating property is what makes it stand out among the other ceramic cups. It’s the perfect awe-inspiring promotional item guaranteed to bedazzle everyone in the room.

A fascinating and quirky promotional product, in contrast to the other promotional items, this mug is the real deal for your promotional uses. The cup is available in black and white and you will simply love the chameleon-like properties of the mug. It’s especially fun for the kids who will not take their eyes off of the bright colours.

So one may ask how do these mugs actually work? It’s not just simple physics. Basically, the colour or logo of the mug can be seen as such, and after you pour your hot coffee, a new pattern slowly emerges onto itself, revealing a new picture. As you drink the coffee, the former pattern becomes visible again. But how?

The mugs are coated with a very special heat-sensitive paint. It’s a process called “thermochromism” in which the special paint alters its colour when the temperature changes.

Thermochromism may sound complicated, but it really is just a simple property of some materials which change their own color when a certain temperature is reached. The specific paint is called thermochromic paint, a heat-sensitive substance containing colour-changing pigments: leuco dyes and liquid crystals. That’s all there is to it, it is truly a mesmerizing sight to behold.

The ezymugs colour-changing mugs are a fantastic option for your promotional product of choice, whether if you are relaunching old products or if you want your brand to stand out among your clients and customers. One thing is for certain, they won’t be unamused. The Colour Change Mugs come in compact and variable sizes and are simply perfect for product giveaways, as well as when you want to send the perfect gift to your friends and family. Promotional giveaways are also an excellent choice if you choose your gift wisely. These mugs are all the craze nowadays.

Always bear in mind that the Ezymugs Colour Changing Mugs are not suitable for dishwashing!

The mugs come in large sizes and are suitable for an array of many promotional uses like marketing, parties, etc. The capacity boasts 300ml, and the overprint goes via pad printing (55mm w x 60mm h) as well as wrap printing (175mm w x 70mm h) with a sublimation print (200mm w x 70mm h). The excess space on the mugs is enough to get your message and logo across to all your clients and customers.

Absolutely perfect for any promotional campaigns you may have, any sort of logo or message is easy to print. These mugs are a sturdy option for many promotional campaigns and are suitable for children and adults alike. If you are looking for a quirky but not too eccentric promotional item for your business, the Colour Change Mug is your go-to product.

Start Your Day With a Stainless Steel Mug

Coffee is the first thing in the morning which many hard-working citizens start their routine with. Stainless steel mugs are the way to go when it comes to keeping your “magic” drink hot for a long period. Like our many other office-friendly products, the Stainless Steel Ezymugs are the perfect containers to use in an office environment.

It practically beats any other mug with its sturdiness and aesthetic look. The Stainless Steel Ezymugs have it all; durability, safety, and longevity, the perfect mug for any outdoors or office activity. Not to mention the clean and smooth surface that make it easy to get your brand, logo or message across, the mugs are a popular product among our customers.

Their main characteristic is that they are sturdy enough to avoid any breakage and are extremely easy to clean – just rinse and that’s it. It’s also wonderful to use when you go out in the great outdoors or when traveling. In comparison to ceramic materials, stainless steel has managed to revolutionize the cup and turn it into the ultimate beverage container.

How many times have you had the rather annoying experience of tasting your coffee cold, while working under stress and pressure? Not everyone gets to focus on their very important work while having the luxury of drinking coffee at the same time. The Ezymugs Stainless Steel cup will make sure that the temperature will be kept for longer periods of time and keep your precious energy liquid hot, all thanks to the properties the stainless steel boasts.

Not only do these cups fit in perfectly with the sharp office environment, but they are great for the outdoors like hiking and traveling. Their durability makes them perfect for it, ensuring no breakage while in use or in the over-cramped baggage.

The Ezymug stainless steel cup does not retain smell. This means that whatever you put in it, whether orange juice, hot cocoa, protein shakes, the cup does not absorb the smell of the liquid.

Another thing which makes the stainless steel mug a leader in promotional items is the option of printing and engraving. The smooth steel surface offers ease and you can choose three different sizes of printing anything you’d like, provided if the image fits the dimensions. Our Stainless Steel Mugs offer the choice to get your company or brand known.

In contrast to the basic ceramic mug traits, the stainless steel mugs are strong, durable, and lightweight. Nothing can top this ultimate combo of strength-to weight ratio, as they are practically unbreakable. They are also easier for transport and will lower your expenses, judging from the towering prices for shipping.

To make matters even more interesting, the cup resists corrosion. Yes sir, nothing like a proper quality stainless steel to solve your rust problems, unlike other metal containers. Corrosion is a thing of the past with these cups, ensuring they last for years and years.

The Ezymug stainless steel container is for you. As a promotional product, stainless steel mugs truly stand unmatched among the other promotional products like pens or caps. Additionally, their unique characteristics and perks are not what make them great, but it’s their continued use which will always remain unleveled in the coffee and beverage business. Unless a new and better metal alloy is discovered, the stainless steel will keep on being the ultimate in modern day beverage containers.

History of the Dimpled Mug

While we enjoy drinking from it, the history of the dimpled mug is rather complicated and vague, yet it still managed to cement its place on the pedestal of fancy-looking beer mugs. Allegedly, the dimpled mug slowly arose to the surface during the end of the Second World War. The grenade-shaped mug tells you more than any other old veteran who is chock full of anecdotes and war stories.

The design of the dimpled mug acquired the known image as a common beer’s mug, a working man’s mug. With its wide dimples, perfectly shaped to refract the light onto the beer, this beer mug makes you better appreciate not just the look of the mug but the enlightened liquid within it.

After the war, this standard beer mug quickly went into absolute decline and disappearance. The modernist alcoholics in the 60s preferred their mugs be with a lighter weight, the beer in it had to be visible and with no light breakages, and sadly, no dimples.

Popular for their durability and secure weight, the soldiers of WWII favored the catastrophe-proof glass, as the thickness and density ensured no breakage and a merry clinking. As for the explanation for the dimple-shaped nature, it was manufactured like that most likely due to the simple fact that the industry saved on glass production, lowering the demand of glass material, so it was not just for esthetics and beauty.

The dimpled mug is the definition of a perfect beer design. The convex mug has a wider top, with walls thick enough to withstand even the mightiest of clinks. The thick handle is also a plus, while the thick walls do their best to hold the low temperatures for a pretty long time out of the freezer.

True beer-drinkers will love the mug’s wide top, as it will be much easier to appreciate the beer’s distinct smell and aroma. It’s a true classic of the beer-drinker’s delight. Of course, not everybody appreciates the dimple’s trait to breaking the light, especially those who want to see their bear clear. Others are more content with it, as they prefer that the dimples offer a specific trait which sustains the light within the beer, giving it a lively, vivid feel and look.

Most importantly, this prominent mug is characteristic and typical to the almighty Oktoberfest. We have all seen it. It’s a staple of the festival itself and the mug is also valued as a collector’s item too!

The Dimple Beer Mug is absolutely fantastic for all kinds of family celebrations, weddings, bars and pubs, and many other events and gatherings, guaranteed to introduce the old ways and feels of a perfect celebration. Everyone will respect the texture, look, and the specific characteristics of the dimpled mug, perfect as a promotional merchandise mug that will catch anyone’s attention, as well as holding their beer.

The Dimple Beer Mug comes in a 285ml size and a large one of 570ml. If you are looking for glassware that you want to send out as gifts, the Dimple Beer Mug is your best bet.