Beer Mugs For An Aussie Summer

Summer is upon us yet again. It is the time of sea, sun and surf. It is also the time to sit on your lounge chair and have a cold mug of beer. So it doesn’t matter if it is Tooheys, Asahi or Heineken, all that matters is that it is a nice cold beer. I myself love to have a beer during summer. The best way to drink them is in frozen beer mugs.

Truth is I also like to drink tea. Like the Chinese I drink warm drinks even during hot days. I am not sure why but I just like it. I find sometime when I drink cold drinks I get a sore throat so I try to avoid them. Sure I will have a cold glass of coke sometimes, but that is more as a dessert drink than anything else. Mainly I will have tea or just water at room temperature.

The World is full of beer mugs

All that said there is still nothing like having a cold beer during summer. Especially if you are having a barbecue. The best thing to drink your beer out of is beer mugs. You have got to hand it to German’s on that one. When they drink a beer it is in a nice big beer mug which gives you just enough beer to keep you happy. There is no use drinking it in a small glass which will be gone in a few seconds. You need and nice big beer mug to make sure you get just the right amount of beer. Why muck around when the world is full of beer mugs.

Now I know what you are thinking, beer makes you fat. Whilst I can sympathise that drinking a lot of beer can give you what is commonly known as a “beer gut”, The reality is that it doesn’t need to be that way. Firstly you can drink low carb beer if you are worried about getting a gut.

You can also go for light beer which will have a similar effect. The other thing is you can just drink less. I mean drinking responsibly is all the rage these days. So the point is not how much beer you drink but how you drink your beer. I say the best way to drink it is in a nice tall beer mug.

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Promotional Beer Mugs

Beer Mugs

Stainless Steel Mugs At Work

Sometimes when you are working on the house or doing something outside it is nice to have a good cup of coffee of tea. You know those cold mornings when you are outside freezing your butt off and you just need something to warm you up. Well with times like that you want to drink your warm drink in something you can just throw in the back of the truck and not have to worry about it breaking or something. Who wants to drink out of a porcelain cup when they are on the run or at the site. That is why having stainless steel mugs is such a great idea.

With a stainless steel mugs to don’t have to worry about your crockery. You simple fill it with your favourite beverage and when you are done you give it a rinse and that’s it.

Great when you are hard at work

Not long ago I was doing some work at a mates house. We had to dig a trend ten meters long. It was 600mm deep and 600mm wide so it was quite a lot of work. We didn’t have a back hoe so we decided to do it by hand. It is not the ideal way to tackle a job like that but it is not the first time we had to do it. I have dug many a hole in my life for things like foundations and the such.

This particular time was no different. What was also the same was that I had my trusting stainless steel mug. We all had stainless steel mugs. With my steel mug handy it was great. I have a cuppa in the morning. Again I simple gave it a rinse when done. After that I just clipped it to my belt and when ever I got thirsty I only need to pour some water in to it to have a drink. Great!

You know trades people have the complete setup when it comes to nourishment. You get hungry and thirsty doing hard work. That is why most trades people have their esky. You need to stock up with sandwiches, fruit, salad and any other thing you want to eat when you are working. You also need to have adequate water and other beverages.

A tuff mug for tuff trades

What you don’t want is to have to deal with fragile stuff that  will break at the first knock. That is why no matter what work site you go to you will see guys and girls with their stainless steel mugs having a drink. It is one of the most trusted tools you can have. If you don’t believe me then see for yourself. I reckon it won’t take long before you see what I am talking about. Good day mate!

Stainless Steel Mugs

Stainless Steel Mugs

World’s First Paper Beer Bottle

The beer brewer Carlsberg has come up with the worlds first paper beer bottle. The bottle is part of Carlsberg’s “Together Towards Zero” initiative, which is their commitment towards zero carbon emissions. This includes a goal of a 30% reduction in their carbon footprint.

The American brewer has revealed two prototypes for its green fibre bottle, both of which are made from sustainably sourced wood fibres. They are both made in such a way that they are able to hold beer. Obviously being made from paper they need to be able to actually hold the liquid which is where the magic begins.

Anyone Can Make a Paper Beer Bottle? Not Likely!

Anyone can make a beer bottle or beer mug out of paper but will it hold? That is the billion dollar question. Traditionally beer mugs and beer bottles are made from glass because it is a good container. Also the beer tastes good consumer out of glass. You can drink beer out of a plastic bottle or plastic beer mug, but it doesn’t taste very good.

Another interesting development from Carlsberg is that From Spring 2020, cans of their Tennent’s lager will be packaged in cardboard rather than plastic, with plastic rings and shrink-wrap phased out. This will result in 150 tonnes less plastic produced per year. Tennent’s has become the first brewer to join The UK Plastics Pact, which intends to ban single-use plastic used in packaging by 2021.

Whilst companies will try to move away from glass as a material for bottles and mugs, I believe that what they should be working on is getting away from plastic. Plastic tends to be a single use material whereas glass can be used multiple times. Especially in Europe where people pay a deposit for their bottles, they tend to be reused.

The same goes with beer mugs. When you drink from one at the pub you take it back, they wash it, and then use it again. With plastic or even paper cups and mugs it is a single use and then into the rubbish bin.

Learn more about the paper beer bottle here.

Paper Beer Bottle

You Can Drink Tea From A Coffee Mug

The Dow Jones closed up over 1% last Friday so it was safe to assume that the markets would be up here today. I mean the futures index also showed that the DJ would rise another 1% although that has come down a bit. Still after falling quite heavily in the last three closes I would have assumed that the market would be up today. A coffee mug would have come in handy I bet.

I was thinking at least 1% and it started off promising. But who would have thought that Westpac would announce a capital raising and suspend their shares from the ASX until tomorrow. Nobody that’s who. Yes they did. So what began as a good start to the day ended pretty quickly. I mean it is still up but not where I thought it would be.

When tea beats stress

My bet was that after falling from over $80.00 only a few days ago that it would fall to under $77.00. I certainly didn’t. I mean it was up this morning and then it came crashing down. Will it go back up? I am thinking that it will. It generally ends the day up. What would make sense at this point is to have a cup of tea even if it means using your coffee mug.

I mean shares might go up and down but so too does your coffee mug as you are drinking that delicious cup of tea. Most people put sugar in their tea but I don’t. I drink my camomile tea without sugar because it taste better and why would you want to ruin your tea with sugar.

Tea from a coffee mug?

Drinking tea out of tea cups is fine but I prefer to use a coffee mug. Coffee mugs generally carry a higher volume so you get to drink more tea then you would with a mere tea cup. This is important as you don’t want to continuously have to fill up your cup. It is not as if you are having a tea ceremony, you are just having a cuppa. I remember every time I went to China to visit the factories that would have a whole setup happening.

They would continuously be pouring you tea, and me being the kind of guy I am would keep drinking it. This made in interesting on my way back to the hotel as all that tea would make you want to go to the toilet whilst you are stuck in traffic. Believe you me, you don’t want to be stuck in traffic in China when you need to go to the toilet.

A Coffee Mug

A Coffee Mug

Photo Mugs Remind You of Whats Good

The world can sometimes be a harsh place. There are also sorts of political upheavals. The stock marketing are constantly going in the wrong direction. People have bad luck from time to time. Generally it is a real shamozzle  no matter how you look at it. Which is why it is soo important to try and stay happy all the time. With photo mugs you’re half way there.

With all the challenges we are faced with there needs to be a counter balance. You need to find a way to disconnect with the negative and connect with the positive. Whilst some might find it hard you just need to put on your thinking cap and you will find a way.

To help with positivity it is good to be creative. If there is something that makes you happy then put it on a photo mug. Whether it is a of someplace you like or someone you love you can simple get a photo and get it printed on a coffee mug.

Coffee mugs are the kind of thing you carry around with you all over the place so it only makes sense that you would like to use it as a means to bring happiness back in your life. Photo mugs are the perfect solution for turning that frown up side down. That is turning a frown into a smile. What better way to do it than with a photo mug of something that makes you happier in life.

Photo Mugs Are Popular In The Field of Promotional Products

Photo mugs and coffee mugs in general have been used in the field of promotional products for a very long time. Indeed the coffee mug is certainly one of the most popular promotional items you will find out there in the world of gift giving. If you check the statistics you will find that what I am saying is definitely true. You would find that the most popular items go something like this:

  1. Promotional Pens
  2. Custom Apparel
  3. Caps
  4. Coffee Mugs

It might not be in that exact order but you would find that it is pretty close. That is why integrating a photo mug into a promotional or marketing campaign is the best thing since slice bread. It is indeed a very smart choice. Not only are there hundreds of mugs from which to choose, you can also print almost anything on them. You also have a number of different printing methods available to you so you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get that logo or photo on the coffee mug in the first place.

A wise person once said, “It is better to think twice about one thing than to think once about two”. That is surely the case with coffee mugs, promotional mugs and photo mugs as well. You don’t have to think hard to realise that you are getting the best gift that money can buy. Just like my top for promotional products list says, it is definitely in the top four of most popular products. So you don’t need to think too hard about it.

Photo Mugs

Sublimation Photo Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs For Sports Promotions

If you were sitting at the recent NRL grand final between the Rosters and Canberra Raiders you would have heard a peculiar sound. No I am not talking about the half time entertainment, or non-entertainment depending on your view point. You did even hear the sound of one hand clapping. What you would have heard was the gradual chanting of “we want personalised coffee mugs, we want personalised coffee mugs”. Louder and louder it went until the crown broke out into a roar and the whole stadium erupted.

It was a marvellous spectacle to watch and even more to listen to. A whole crowd asking for, no begging for a personalised coffee mug. It is not something that you would expect at a footy grand final. I am not saying everybody heard it. Indeed it was not even broadcast on television. But I heard it load and clear.

All Sports Love Promotional Coffee Mugs

The same thing happened watching the recent UFC234. Watching a fight between two men with nothing at all against each other and there it was, this faint chant of fans also asking for their personalised coffee mugs. Why at the the UFC I hear you ask. I beats the hell out of me but seemingly it happened. I don’t know if it was just in my head but I heard it.

The sound of a million fan screaming out for their very own personalised coffee mugs will never leave me. I don’t think anyone in that position would forget about such an incident. It is totally and utterly unforgettable. Just like the song by Nat King Cole says, “Your unforgettable…”. They did yell out for a free t-shirt, or a custom printed pen with the UFC logo. No, they yelled out for a coffee mug.

It might be hard to believe but coffee mugs are a sort after item. It is no surprise that people at the two above sporting evens would be so keen to get their hands on one. Sitting there watch a match of any sort can be quite taxing on the body and the mind. Especially if you have to watch preliminary games or fights, as would be the case with the NRL and UFC.

Who Doesn’t Love A Coffee At The Sports?

So having a coffee handy really helps. The problem is who has the energy to walk to the bar for just a coffee. Not to mention that the coffee would probably be dodgy. It is infinitely easier to bring your own coffee which is where a personalised coffee mug comes into play.

Just imagine if the UFC or NRL had indeed given their spectators a branded mug to take in the game with them. They could have even partners with a coffee brand and do a cross promotion. It would have been great for the fans and great for brand recognition. Unfortunately they didn’t have someone like me on their marketing team to recommend such a brilliant idea.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Photo Mugs Not Just For You Mug

Often-wise people ask me how do you get your photo in the paper. Well I really can’t answer that question because if I new the answer I would do it myself. Seems to be everyone these days want to be rich and famous and get their mug in magazines and on the television. With personalised photo mugs it is easy.

What I say to that is if you really want to get your mug our there then put it on a mug. So in other words put your mug on a mug. “How do I do that?”, you may ask. We it is quite easy. Put it on a photo mug.

Bring some stability to your life

Some people like to play the stock market. Some say it is like a casino and I tend to agree. One moment it is up and then next it is down. You really can’t tell where it is going to go from day to day. Some people even say it is a mugs game. So you see the term mug gets used a lot these days. Yet again I say that the best mug out there is the photo mug.

It is the only mug that makes you feel good. It is the only place you would want to put your face. But enough about faces. Really what you would put there is any photo. The reason a photo mug exists is that sometime what you are trying to print is too complex or just needs to look so lifelike that the only real option is a sublimation print.

Personalised Photo Mugs

Personalised Photo Mugs

Mug Printing Your Custom Printed Mugs

Custom Mug Printing

Promo is a funny business. Not “ha ha” funny but more “Ha” funny with a capital “H” and and extended “aaa”. The reason for that is because just when you think you know it all you find out that there are still things that you did not know. With custom mug printing it is not a laughing matter. More on that later.

After all with tens of thousands of products how could you possible know everything there is to know about promotional products. You would have to be some kind of professor or sage to know absolutely everything. Even though I must admit I have come across some people in the industry that know a lot about the subject.

Take custom mug printing and all in entails. One would think that it is a simple concept with simple solutions. In some cases it may very well be a simple solution. Maybe the customer is using a simple can mug, one of the most common coffee mugs on the market. Then they want to print a one colour print on the front of the mug.

You see something like that is the easiest think in the world to achieve. It is such a simple task that you would expect almost anyone in the corporate gifts industry to success. That would be a fair call because in the community of custom mug printing it really is a task without major complications

 Mug Printing Methods

There are indeed a number of mug printing methods available that are worthwhile knowing about if you plan on doing some mug printing of your own. You see mug printing, whilst an art in itself, is not that complicated. If fact if you know what you’re dealing with it can be, on the one hand, quite simple, and on the other hand also invigorating. The most important thing to know about custom mug printing before you embark on a mug printing adventure is:

  • What kind of mug do you need. Simple can mug or a flare mug etc.
  • The logo that you want to print on the coffee mug.
  • What you want to achieve with your logo print on the mug.

Once all of the above is understood then it becomes all the more easier to understand what needs to be and done how.

Long Logos

Take long logos. Sometimes companies either have a really long logo which can simply be printed straight onto the coffee mug. With this kind of logo a simple pad print just won’t work. So what do you do? You go for the wrap around print. With the wrap around print you are basically able to print a logo or message right around the mug. When you first see it you will wonder how it was ever possible. But when you look at how it is done the simplicity becomes apparent and you understand how if was possible to achieve such a print on a coffee mug.

 Colourful Logos or Photos

Some times people have really colourful logos that they want to print or a photo. Whilst you might think that it is the same method for both it really isn’t. If you want to print a colourful logo or a logo with a gradient on a promotional coffee mug then you need to use sublimation print. Sublimation print pretty much uses a digital printer to print the logo.

If you are looking to print a photo on a mug then it is literally called a “photo mug”. Whilst a photo mug also uses a digital printer of sorts it is a different method. That is because printing a photo requires more sophistication than just printing a few colours.

So when you delve into the world of custom mug printing it is important to understand that there are different mug printing methods. These methods are determines by what you want and how you expect to achieve it. Once you understand this the simple promotional mug or coffee mug will never be the same again.

Custom Mug Printing

Custom Mug Printing

Personalised Travel Mugs for Summer

When people think travel mugs they often think a warm cup of coffee sitting in a lodge on some far flung mountain side. I bet that when they think travel mugs all they think about is cold weather and somewhere hiding from the elements trying to stay warm. Whilst it might be true some times of the year it is not true all the time. That’s why personalised travel mugs much so much sense.

Indeed a travel mug is useful in all sort of scenarios and in all sorts of setting. If you look hard enough you will see as many travel mugs when you go to the beach as you do when you go to skiing at Thredbo.

Travel mugs for all beverages

The truth is that travel mugs are great for all sorts of beverages. The point about a travel mug is that you can take it with you wherever you go so whether you put something warm in it or something cold it entirely up to you. Of course you would want to make sure you pick the travel mug that is most suited for the kind of beverage you would most like to drink.

When drinking hot beverages like tea or coffee then sometimes it is best to consider a double walled mug. It will keep the drink warmer, longer and will be kinder to your hands. You might even want to consider a thermos. This is where personalised travel mugs come in handy.

So now that we agree that a travel mug is good for hot and cold weather, it might be to make the point of how good personalised travel mugs would be for your summer promotion. Personalised travel mugs are indeed a great summer promotional gift. As I said previously people are just inclined to take them to the beach as they are to the snow. There is nothing better then have a nice cold drink to keep you hydrated whilst sun baking on the beach in the sun.

Enjoy the convenience of have your own drink

There is nothing worse then having to wait in that canteen line trying to buy a drink. Firstly you are sure to be over paying for it and how want to wait in the line while some kids tries to decide between a sausage roll or a bag of chips. Why not take both kid and be done with it.

That is why companies have long understood the value of adding a personalised travel mug to their promotional campaign. As far as promotional products go the travel mug is a great addition to any marketing campaign. The added benefit is that you know you are helping out your customers by keeping then nice and cool in the sun, whilst they are having fun, with everyone.

Personalised Travel Mugs

Personalised Travel Mugs


Promotional Mugs for Winter Promo

Winter is finally upon us after what seemed an endless summer. The wind is blowing, the rain is falling and it is even snowing in the mountains. In these times of cold weather is it easy to think of sitting at home or in the office sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate or soup. There is nothing like warming yourself with a hot beverage when it is cold outside. Custom printed promotional mugs are a great way to do just that.

So think how grateful your customers will be when you gift them a nice mug this winter. At Ezymugs we have a great range of branded mugs available for your next corporate gift or giveaway. We have a promotional mugs to meet any budget and any occasion. Simply look at our extensive range or promotional mugs to see what a great assortment we have. We have a large range which includes:

  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Plastic Mugs
  • Porcelain Mugs
  • Stainless Steel Mugs
  • Photo Mugs
  • Sublimation Mugs

Ceramic Promotional Mugs

Our ceramic promotional mugs are probably the largest of our range. These coffee mugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also come in a price range which will ensure you don’t break your marketing budget. There are solid colour mugs, two tone mugs, flare mugs and can mugs just to name a few. There are mugs which are a bit more elaborate and those which have a simple design. All the Ceramic mugs can be branded with your logo to make sure your customers remember you only those cold nights at home when they are sipping away at their coffee or tea.

Plastic Mugs

Plastic mugs are a great idea if you want a durable mug which will stand the test of time. The are light weight and sturdy and are sure to be in use for years to come. Again they are easily branded with your logo or message of choice. The same can be said about the other mugs which we have on offer which are destined to make any marketing campaign shine.

Promotional Mugs