Personalised Coffee Mugs Are All The Rage

It is hard to remember when personalised coffee mugs were not so popular. It is one of those products that has endured the test of time. Whilst other products have fallen to the wayside the little old personalise coffee mug has persisted. I mean just the other day I got a coffee mug branded with the Tesla logo. I asked “where did this come from”. Apparently some kid was having a birthday party and he is obsessed with Teslas so him mum gave one to everyone at the party. So it is not just the corporate big wigs that enjoy getting the odd personalised mug, it is everyone.

Mugs in All Shapes and Sizes

The good think is that coffee mugs come in all shapes and sizes so when you are looking at personalising one you have a lot of options. Personalised coffee mugs are one fo the most versatile corporate gifts out they. They rank up there with promotional pens and corporate apparel when it comes to promotional products. Indeed I would be surprise if there is not a personalised coffee mugs for every man, woman and child on the planet, that’s how popular they are.

The best thing about them is that they last long. Ceramic might be a breakable material but it sure is strong. How many times have you dropped a ceramic mug only to have it survive. Sure sometimes the handle falls off which explains why there are so many handleless mugs out there.

The Prefect Christmas Gift

Now with Christmas coming what better time to start thinking about what to get your customers and clients this year. Do you really think they are wanting some elaborate gift this year? No, they just want something simple that is useful and that serves a purpose. Just like a personalised coffee mug.

Ezy Mugs is a premium supplier of custom coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are great when combined with other promotional products. If you are looking at running a full marketing campaign feel free to check out our full range of products at Ezy Promos.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs versus Photo Coffee Mugs

Let’s face it almost the entire world drinks coffee. I don’t and people think that it is strange that I don’t, but heaps of other people do. There are so many different types of coffees these days it is like almost every man and his dog is roasting. Whatever they are doing they tend to include personalised coffee mugs in their promotions.

It used to be that people just drank instant coffee, or if it was part of their culture then Turkish style coffee. I remember my parent going to Enmore every week end to buy their coffee which they would boil in a copper jug. It was thick and gooey and its aroma would occupy the entire house. These days everybody drinks special roost coffee and those that don’t get theirs in a pod.

The Explosion of Personalised Coffee Mugs

The explosion in the popularity of coffee has also mean that coffee cups are much more in demand. Which in turn has increased the popularity of personalised coffee mugs. Personalised coffee mugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You get everything from the big can mugs to the more elegant flared mugs. Some people even continue to drink their coffee out of a coffee cup.

Their popularity has meant that companies are using them more often as a promotional gift. Especially during these crazy times where budgets are tight and you really need to think hard about what to give customers.

Add Your Logo For Added Impact

Whilst mugs are easy to print with a company logo what some people don’t realise is the options that they have available for them. Beside the normal logo print you can also go with the wrap around print but also the personalised photo mugs are a great option. Sometimes it is easy to just settle for the easy option, not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but it is also worth while thinking outside the square.

With personalised photo mugs to can simply go wild. You don’t have to think about the constraint that come with pad printing or screen printing. With photo coffee mugs the sky is the limit because it is a digital print which means you can print almost anything.

At Ezy Mugs we have a huge range of customised coffee mugs which are great for promotional marketing campaign. We have everything from your classical mug to more modern one. If you are looking bundling other promotional products which you mugs then check our Ezy Promos as well. You are sure to find what you are looking for on our site.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs

What Would the World Look Like Without Promotional Coffee Mugs?

What would the world look like without promotional coffee mugs indeed!. That a great question. You know there are plenty of things that we miss during this unfortunate Wuhan virus pandemic. One of the things that people miss the most is being able to get together with friends and just have a cup of coffee.

Even getting together with your work colleagues for a cuppa is sorely missed. It is like a daily ritual that for the moment at least has been put on hold. Just like so many things in our lives it is something to yearn for in our quest for normality.

Coffee is the social lubricant

Drinking coffee is one of those social lubricants that gives people a chance to just sit down and talk. It lets them forget about their worries and just enjoy a nice hot beverage. There are other social activities that do the same thing but none that is so prolific across the world. Drinking coffee with other people is almost ingrain in our social consciousness.

It is one of those things that, whilst you could in theory do with out, you really wouldn’t want to. If you look at communities that are coming out of look outs one of the first things they do is go to a coffee shop or cafe with friends.

When is a branded mug a promotional mug?

When we especially drink coffee with our colleagues we usually use promotional mugs which have either been given to us from our suppliers as gifts, or branded mugs which have been printed by the company we work for. They are usually nice and big and good quality.

Indeed if someone is going to give a person a mug as a gift then they make sure that it is good quality. There is no use giving someone a promotional coffee mug if it is not going to be good quality. That is what would explain why we have so many branded mugs in our cupboards.

So the answer to the question is that there is no answer to the question. As long as there are people on this planet there will be promotional coffee mugs. As long as there are people on this planet they will get together and drink coffee together.

Fortunately you have access to Ezy Mugs which is a premium supplier of custom coffee mugs.

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Getting Back to Work With Promotional Mugs

These have been truly trying times. Who would have thought even a few short months ago that it would come to this. Not only is our country in lock down but the entire world is in lock down. One thing we miss is going out for coffee and getting our free promotional mugs.

This virus that originated in Wuhan China has sent the world in a tail spin but one which we hopefully will soon start to come out of. Whilst billions of people are still under some restrictions it seems as if the worst of it is nearly over. Although this will go on for some time more it seems as if this corona virus has peaked. Let us pray it has anyway.

Thankfully things has slowly started to get back to normal. Last weekend was the first time we were able to go to the city. We had missed the botanical gardens so much and were delighted to be able to go for a walk. This week for the first time it looks like groups of people up to ten will be able to assemble just in time for mother’s day. That too will be great. Our staff are slowly starting to come back to the office after spending a couple of months at home.

Get Back in Touch With Old Customers

This is a great time for businesses to think how they will restart their operations. Although not all businesses were shut down, the essential services were able to operate, most businesses did. In our industry, promotional products, most of the businesses shut down because events and promotional have been postponed.

All in store promotions have been cancelled as to have conferences, exhibitions and any other event where promotional products are used. We managed to stay open because we were supplying such essential products as hand sanitisers and masks.

A great product to restart the conversation with your customers is promotional mugs. Promotional mugs have always been an excellent promotional product because they are so handy. They are one of those timeless products that are always in demand.

The great thing about promotional coffee mugs is that there are a large variety. The most popular range is ceramic mugs. They have the largest range of coffee mugs. That said they are other great coffee mugs such as the cafe range and reusable coffee cups.

Promotional Mugs

Promotional Mugs

Branded Mugs and Coffee Mugs are Cool

The new year has began and it is time to start planning for the year ahead. Top of that list would be planning your marketing campaign for the next year. It is important to stay connected with customers especially after they have come back form a long break. They may not necessary forget who you are is that short period but definitely it is good to give branded mugs as reminder that you are there.

That is why promotional products are such a valuable tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Promotional products give you a chance to get the ball rolling with all the years business relationships. One of the greatest promotional products of all time is the branded mug. Branded mugs are a proven promotional product which have stood the test of time.

When you think coffee mugs you might think of them as a winter promotional item. Nothing could be further from the truth. Coffee mugs are a year round corporate gift that keeps on giving. Coffee mugs have been around ever since people have been drinking coffee so they have historic significance. They are also one of the first branded products to come into existence.

Indeed branded mugs are up there with branded caps and branded pens when it comes to promotional products. Branded coffee mugs are still one of the most sort after promotional items in the industry. New hot items always come along, such as the flash drive, but coffee mugs never go out of fashion.

Ezy Mugs is a premium supplier of promotional mugs, cups and other promotional items. Ezy Mugs is a subsidiary of Brand Republic which is one of Australia’s most trusted brands when it comes to promotional products.

Branded Mugs

Branded Mugs