Getting Back to Work With Promotional Mugs

These have been truly trying times. Who would have thought even a few short months ago that it would come to this. Not only is our country in lock down but the entire world is in lock down. One thing we miss is going out for coffee and getting our free promotional mugs.

This virus that originated in Wuhan China has sent the world in a tail spin but one which we hopefully will soon start to come out of. Whilst billions of people are still under some restrictions it seems as if the worst of it is nearly over. Although this will go on for some time more it seems as if this corona virus has peaked. Let us pray it has anyway.

Thankfully things has slowly started to get back to normal. Last weekend was the first time we were able to go to the city. We had missed the botanical gardens so much and were delighted to be able to go for a walk. This week for the first time it looks like groups of people up to ten will be able to assemble just in time for mother’s day. That too will be great. Our staff are slowly starting to come back to the office after spending a couple of months at home.

Get Back in Touch With Old Customers

This is a great time for businesses to think how they will restart their operations. Although not all businesses were shut down, the essential services were able to operate, most businesses did. In our industry, promotional products, most of the businesses shut down because events and promotional have been postponed.

All in store promotions have been cancelled as to have conferences, exhibitions and any other event where promotional products are used. We managed to stay open because we were supplying such essential products as hand sanitisers and masks.

A great product to restart the conversation with your customers is promotional mugs. Promotional mugs have always been an excellent promotional product because they are so handy. They are one of those timeless products that are always in demand.

The great thing about promotional coffee mugs is that there are a large variety. The most popular range is ceramic mugs. They have the largest range of coffee mugs. That said they are other great coffee mugs such as the cafe range and reusable coffee cups.

Promotional Mugs

Promotional Mugs