Keep Warm With Personalised Coffee Mugs This Autumn

Again we are on the topic of cooler months today. As we all know if is getting cooler now which gives us the opportunity to look at what new promotional products we might want to give our customers. Personalised Coffee Mugs are a great gift to give in winter and there are heaps of options to consider. Not only do you have your regular coffee mugs but also Personalised Travel Mugs which are always a treat and Stainless Steel Mugs. Here we explore the benefits of each.

You can’t go wrong with personalised coffee mugs

That is so true. You really can’t go wrong with personalised coffee mugs. Who out there doesn’t like a nice cuppa. Especially on a cool day people everywhere reach for their coffee mug. You don’t even have to be a coffee lover. Some people with have tea. Others will just have hot water. There are also those who prefer a soup. Anyway you look at it they need their coffee mug so why not just give them a personalised coffee mug with your logo print.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Nothing like a personalised travel mug

True that! People in this country are always on the move so a personalised travel mug is always welcome. Indeed personalised travel mugs have always been a popular item. Most people will carry them around in their car or truck and you don’t have to be a trades person to enjoy one. Each and every morning you will see people leaving their homes with a travel mug in tow. So why not give them a personalised travel mug instead? You can brand it with your logo for a bit of name recognition. What a great idea!

Personalised Travel Mugs

Give stainless steel mugs a go!

You don’t have to be on the move to enjoy a nice warm cuppa. Sometimes it is nice to just sit outside and enjoy a beautiful day. What makes it even better is if you have a nice hot drink to go with it. That is why stainless steel mugs are a great idea. They are sturdy so you don’t have to worry about dropping them and breaking them. Stainless steel mugs are as tough as they go. Again a stainless steel mug is great for branding so they make a great corporate gift.

Whether your are look for one of these items or something else to promote your branded give us a call. Our friendly staff are always happy to help and offer some advise. Come on! What have you got to lose?


Stainless Steel Mugs

Autumn is a great time for printed mugs

Just as the seasons change so to do the products we chose for our promotions. Autumn is a popular time for printed mugs as people generally start drinking hot drinks such as tea and coffee. If you are planning a new promotions be sure to include promotional mugs in your promotion. Your customers will love them!

Custom Printed Mugs

Custom mug printing is an easy thing to understand. It is not the printing itself which is difficult but but what kind of printing is best for you. With custom mug printing the first step you need to know is the type of promotional mug you want and what you will be printing on it. Generally if you have a small logo with just a couple of colour then the printing method you will use will most likely be pad printing or screen printing.

For more complex logos, especially those with more colours, the best option is a sublimation print. Sublimation mugs are promotional mugs with a digital print. digital print allows you to have as many colours as you want because you are using a digital printer. This custom mug printing method is the most flexible. That said it is not always the best. If you have a simply logo then pad or screen print are better as the colours are more vibrant with these printing methods.

Heaps of coffee mugs

The great thing about coffee mugs is that there are heaps to chose from. If you check out our range you will see that we have one of the largest range of promotional coffee mugs you will ever find. That is a great thing especially if you want something that stands out. Our can mugs are definitely the most popular but sometimes people want something outside the square. Not to mention something that will be memorable and stand out.

Good quality print makes all the difference

Nothing could be more true. Whilst coffee mugs make a great corporate gift, they are only as good as the printing. That is why we use the best printers in the business when we are printing out promotional mugs. You have to understand which colour suit which mug and then there is the process itself which must be professional.

Printed Mugs

How To Use Reusable Coffee Cups For Brand Promotions

Life is better with a coffee cup. For coffee lovers, one mug is not enough. They have two or more; mugs for travel, for favourite movies, at work and a gift you received from someone. In the past few years, reusable coffee cups never go out of style and their sales status either increased or remained the same.

For this reason, many business owners use reusable coffee cups to build brand awareness and reach more audiences. They are available in various designs and they can be personalized with any pictures or messages you prefer.

Furthermore, coffee cups are an ideal gift for a special someone, an excellent collectible item and a perfect reward for employees. You can get it for yourself or a loyal customer. The options are endless.

5 Tips To Use Reusable Coffee Cups For Branding

There are many ways to market a business with reusable coffee cups. These products are budget-friendly, very useful and a great way to showcase your brand. Moreover, they can be a powerful marketing tool to keep your business in front of your customers.

  1. Make Your Message Stand Out

Your brand is unique. That said, your marketing pieces should be unique as well. You have to work hard to impress your customers and capture the interest of your audience. Your marketing pieces should reflect those qualities that make your business stand out.

Every time someone uses a coffee cup with your logo, they will be reminded of your commitment to the kind of artistry that’s presented in the design.

  1. Get An Influencer To Promote Your Reusable Coffee Cups

If you want more exposure for your brand, partnering with an influencer is a smart idea. Contact a famous influencer to endorse your coffee cups to their followers.

Most people trust the influencers and they tend to buy products because their favorite personalities recommended them. You can send them a PR package containing a custom coffee cup with the rest of the items.

  1. Feature Custom Coffee Cups In An Event

Another effective way to promote your brand is through product placement. If you’re hosting an event, display your coffee cups in your booth. Don’t forget to label them with your logo, website, contact details and anything else you deem important.

  1. Pass Out Promotional Coffee Cups

You can order a few promotional coffee cups and ask some local stores to pass them out to their customers for free. Everyone loves freebies and stores would be happy to give out free products to their customers.

  1. Run A Contest With Coffee Cups As The Prize

A contest is one of the proven ways to boost brand awareness. In addition, a contest enables you to engage your audience.

Hold a fun contest and give your audience a chance to win a custom coffee cup. Don’t forget to put your brand information on it and ask people to tag a friend to help you gain more exposure.

Go showcase your brand with reusable coffee cups. They are practical, relatively cheaper and are used by almost everyone every day. Most importantly, they provide maximum exposure for your brand.

Reusable Coffee Cups

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Promotional Mugs in 2021

Promotional Mugs in 2021

Promotional products are always guaranteed to make people smile. It’s the only marketing medium that allows you to show your gratitude and appreciation to your customers. Furthermore, it helped create a loyalty to your brand. That why promotional mugs in 2021 with reign supreme.

One of the most popular and effective promotional products are branded mugs. Promotional mugs are items that people can’t live without. They keep it on their desk or maybe utilizing in their kitchen. When they need your product or service or they want to refer you to a friend, they know exactly where to get your name, number and your information.

Here are the top five reasons you should be using promotional mugs in 2021;

It Has A Lot Of Variations

When it comes to promotional mugs, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. There are classic promotional mugs which is ideal for large scale, full colour ceramic mugs to make maximum use of your message or the travel mugs to please your sporty and well-travelled audiences.

You can keep it simple with your logo printed on a single-color or colored mug, and maybe even choose a mug with different patterns – the choice is yours! This would also allow you to cater to different preferences as well.

It Tends To Be Versatile

Mugs can be used anywhere and people always need it; in the office, at home or as vases and penholders. It can be used every day, therefore you get repeated brand awareness and lifetime exposure. This also means the logo or message printed in the mugs will constantly be there to remind your customers and prospect that your business exists.

It Is Cost-Effective

Establishing a brand identity will normally require businesses to spend a lot of money. But brand marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Promotional mugs provide you with the opportunity to advertise your company, products or services in a manner that is not only effective, but relatively affordable as well.

Acts As a Mobile Billboard

When you add your logo, message or tagline to your promotional mugs, you turn your mugs into a mobile advertisement for your business. Hence, it becomes exposed to other people whenever someone uses it. As a result, it helps you generate a huge amount of visibility.

Take it from Starbucks Coffee. It was one of the first brands to use customised products with their takeout cups. From a small coffee chain, it’s now a giant company that is known worldwide.

You Can Buy Them Here

Promotional mugs are easy to order and they are available to purchase from Ezy Mugs. Aside from checking out our other website Brand Republic, you can simply visit our Ezy Mugs website, browse available options from there, choose coffee sublimation mugs that match your marketing requirements and place your order. The mugs would be delivered directly to your home.

Invest in a promotional product that is not only helpful in generating fresh awareness for your business but a product with guaranteed functionality and practical purpose. Undoubtedly, promotional mugs are a wise choice.

Every promotional mug has a function and has a value.  Putting your brand on a promotional mug is actually more functional than a business card. It’s in front of them throughout the day because they are using it.

Promotional Mugs in 2021

Promotional Mugs in 2021