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Autumn is a great time for printed mugs

Just as the seasons change so to do the products we chose for our promotions. Autumn is a popular time for printed mugs as people generally start drinking hot drinks such as tea and coffee. If you are planning a new promotions be sure to include promotional mugs in your promotion. Your customers will love them!

Custom Printed Mugs

Custom mug printing is an easy thing to understand. It is not the printing itself which is difficult but but what kind of printing is best for you. With custom mug printing the first step you need to know is the type of promotional mug you want and what you will be printing on it. Generally if you have a small logo with just a couple of colour then the printing method you will use will most likely be pad printing or screen printing.

For more complex logos, especially those with more colours, the best option is a sublimation print. Sublimation mugs are promotional mugs with a digital print. digital print allows you to have as many colours as you want because you are using a digital printer. This custom mug printing method is the most flexible. That said it is not always the best. If you have a simply logo then pad or screen print are better as the colours are more vibrant with these printing methods.

Heaps of coffee mugs

The great thing about coffee mugs is that there are heaps to chose from. If you check out our range you will see that we have one of the largest range of promotional coffee mugs you will ever find. That is a great thing especially if you want something that stands out. Our can mugs are definitely the most popular but sometimes people want something outside the square. Not to mention something that will be memorable and stand out.

Good quality print makes all the difference

Nothing could be more true. Whilst coffee mugs make a great corporate gift, they are only as good as the printing. That is why we use the best printers in the business when we are printing out promotional mugs. You have to understand which colour suit which mug and then there is the process itself which must be professional.

Printed Mugs