Barrel Promotional Mugs

Barrel Mugs – Great Promotion Mugs

When it comes to promotional campaigns or finding items for gift bags and baskets at the end of the year, it can sometimes be overwhelming on what to choose – pens, USB’s, personalised mugs, food and drink. All are often good choices, but to really stand out from the crowd, you need a branded item so that firstly, your recipient knows straight away where the gift has come from, and secondly, so that they can remember who you are when they are looking for your services next time.

While we have a large range of promotional mugs that you can choose from, one of our most popular mugs is our Barrel Mug. Why the Barrel Mug? Three reasons:

  • The classic design makes the mug suitable for a range of purposes
  • It has a large capacity making it perfect for a wide range of customers and clients
  • It has a large logo printing area to help ensure your brand and logo stand out from the crowd

A printed mug is also a great way to present smaller promotional items for something like a giveaway. You could easily fill the mug with branded chocolates and lollies, or branded stationery items such as pens and USB’s or a number of other promotional items.

Promotional products such as printed or personalised mugs have long been known as a great way to get your brand in front of new and existing customers and clients.

With such a small cost per mug, your business can easily afford to get your brand and logo out to the wider market.