Belle Porcelain Mug

Belle Porcelain Mug Excellent For Logos

The Ezymugs Belle Porcelain Mug offers nothing but the best in simplicity, style, and elegance for promotional products. When choosing between porcelain mugs and ceramic mugs, one must note that the basic difference is sustainability. Porcelain mugs are a fantastic choice when more air of elegance is desired.

Where bone china mugs might offer a creamy white look, the Belle Porcelain comes in with a gleaming bright white mug in all its sturdiness and splendor. The Belle Porcelain mug has a slightly flared lip on top and a heart-shaped handle, which give a contemporary and sardonic feel with the attributes of a classic material like porcelain, and is guaranteed to spruce up your style to your promotional gifts.

With its modern look, the Belle Porcelain mug will look good anywhere – kitchen, living room, or office desk. The large mug boasts a capacity of 280ml which means that it has enough room for any logos or messages. Additionally, the bright white background helps in emphasizing the printed logo and it will stand out with ease. The Belle Porcelain Mug will charm and please all your customers and clients guaranteed.

Porcelain Promotional Mugs

Porcelain mugs are normally made from kaolin clay and baked at up to 1400 degrees Celsius, which explains its bright white shine and thin walls. We call them “china” due to the simple fact that it was developed and manufactured in China. The process was later imitated by the Europeans for 200 years before perfecting a fine reproduction of the same material, as it was regarded as quite valuable and rare.

Above all, porcelain mugs are very lightweight, fragile, and have a translucent hue when held up to the light. The Belle Porcelain mugs are perfect for all your promotional needs such as: promotional merchandise or corporate gifts. As with all our fine china with printing qualities, the Ezymugs Belle Porcelain mugs will spice up your promotional and marketing campaigns.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to own one of our porcelain mugs if you are in a dire need of a high quality promotional mug. With a slightly creamier, warmer tone, our Porcelain mugs will stand out with ease when it comes to promoting your logo or marketing campaign.

Great as a corporate gift

Our promotional Porcelain Mugs are suited for all of your clients’ and customers’ needs. They are great for promotional purposes when you are in need of style points in the corporate world, or are simply looking forward to making a great impression on your clients. Armed with a traditional yet sleek style, the high quality material and the ease for printing make our branded Porcelain suited for every promotional purpose and will look right at home anywhere from any household kitchen to the CEO’s desk.

All of the mugs’ sizes fit excellently for logo printing, as the white background helps the logo stand out even more among the vast array of appliances, mugs, and other promotional items. If your customers and clients demand nothing but quality, our branded porcelain mugs are a great option for a corporate or promotional gift and they are guaranteed to deliver.

Belle Porcelain Mug