Gift Packs

A promotional campaign needs to follow the same marketing from start to finish; there is no point in ordering branded coffee mugs or promotional glassware and not presenting them professionally. Our range of mug boxes and glassware boxes allow you to professional present your promotional materials in a style and colour to suit your needs.We have giftware boxes to suit most of our promotional mug and glassware products. We have three different sizes of mug boxes to suit most of our coffee mug range; premium gift boxes that can accommodate a bottle of wine with two branded wine glasses or a thermos and two coffee mugs; and single and twin glass gift boxes to suit a range of our glassware.You may not think about it until it is too late, but coffee mugs and glassware can often be broken in transit; the last thing you want for your promotional glassware and mugs are for them to arrive at their destination cracked, chipped or completely broken. Our mug boxes and glassware boxes will help keep your promotional items safe during transit from you to your customer or client.Our mug boxes can be easily branded using custom printed stickers and just as easily presented without any branding at all.