Coffee Mugs & Cups

Coffee Mugs & Cups

Promotional coffee mugs are an inexpensive and often stylish way to get your brand name out to new customers or to remind your current customers and clients who you are and what you do.

Many businesses use promotional ceramic mugs for corporate gifts, event gift bags and promotional giveaways, while café style mugs are often used by cafes and restaurants as a branding option, or by coffee bean suppliers as a marketing opportunity.

If you are after something slightly different for your promotional campaign or corporate gifts, colour change mugs are a great option; what looks like a plain coffee mug suddenly transforms into a wonderful promotional mug when filled with hot water.

Porcelain coffee mugs provide a touch of high end style to your promotional campaign. Classically styled, these mugs fit seamlessly into any business or dining area. If you are after a promotional coffee mug that speaks of a higher quality to add a touch of class to your promotional campaign, the porcelain coffee mug is a good option.

For a mug with a high quality digital print, or if you have a logo that requires image or gradient, the sublimation mug is what you should be looking at. These mugs offer a photo quality finish to any logo, and are a good option for promotional merchandise mugs for events where you need to print a range of sponsor’s logos.

Personalised Coffee Mugs – The Benefits

While some businesses opt for smaller promotional products as they feel that the larger ones may be too expensive for their purposes, the fact is that the former gets discarded or are just forgotten by those who receive them. On the other hand, there are a number of benefits to opting for Personalised Coffee Cups and Personalised Coffee Mugs such as:

  • Unique – As Mentioned earlier a mug is only a mug until it is printed with a design, logo or content. Once we do that, it turns into a unique promotional product that can help you promote your brand, products or any other message you wish to get to your audience.
  • Variety – When you opt for custom printed mugs from our company you are assured of the highest quality and superior finish. You will also find that there is a large variety to choose from and you can also pick from a variety of materials such as ceramic, bone china porcelain etc.
  • Make an impression – When it comes to marketing making as impression is what matters the most and when option for our Personalised Coffee Mugs it’s easy to make an impact.

Different types of Personalised Coffee Mugs

Like we said there are a range of mugs styles and designs you can choose from, such as:

  • Can 2 Tone Mug – This is a very popular mug style. They have a very large printing space and your logo and any other content or tag line that you want printed can fit beautifully on it. Since it is a dual tone mug, you can also match it to your corporate colours.
  • Broadway Coffee Mug – This medium capacity ceramic mug has an interesting design and makes an excellent promotional gift for different businesses.
  • Colour Change Mug – This is another very popular design that many of our corporate customer opt for. The mug is a solid black colour, the the picture underneath it starts showing up when hot liquid is poured into it.
  • Boston Mug – A stylish and very modern looking mug that comes in different colour options. Will suit a variety of marketing campaigns especially when you want to impress with something that “pops”.

Custom printed coffee mugs are a great addition to any marketing campaign. Leave an impression with a promotional product that you know your customers will absolutely love.

For any more information about our Personalised Coffee Mugs call Ezy Mugs at this number – 1300 753 675, or contact us on this online form and we will respond without delay. You can also order your mugs directly online. We have an order form which is easy to fill out and makes ordering a breeze.