Colour Change Mugs

Colour Change Promotional Mugs

If an interesting and somewhat slightly different promotional coffee mug is on your list for your next promotional campaign, our Colour Change Mugs are a good choice. Available in two colours – black and white – your customers and clients will love the fact that their coffee mug is changing colours and logos as they both fill it up and drink from it.

So how do these mugs work? Essentially, they start off a plain colour (with your logo if you wish) and as hot liquid is poured into the mug, a new logo print reveals itself. As the liquid is drunk and the mug cools down, the original logo print comes back.

These are a great option if you are promoting a new product or relaunching an old product or simply if you want your brand to stand out amongst the others that your clients and customers work with. The Colour Change Mugs are a great size and can be used as giveaways, corporate gifts or welcome gifts for new clients and customers. They are also a good choice for a promotional giveaway mug.

Our branded Colour Change Mugs are suitable to all of your clients and customers no matter what industry they work in. With the option to display two logo prints or promotional messages, you can be sure that your message won’t be missed.

*Please note colour change mugs are not suitable for dishwasher.