Plastic Mugs

Promotional Personalised Plastic Mugs

Our range of branded Plastic Mugs are perfect if you are in a situation of serving children or in an event where ceramic or porcelain mugs may be broken. If you run a day care, children’s play centre, café, restaurant or bistro, these are a great promotional mug for serving children drinks or even for giveaways filled with little extras such as lollies.

Our Plastic Mug range are also perfect if you have clients or customers who work on a building or trade site where ceramic mugs often get left out in the dust and weather – our Plastic Mugs are easy to clean and your logo print will stay bright for years to come.

Another great customer base for these Branded Plastic Mugs are campers, hikers and travellers; often these customers will be stopping on the side of the road or in the bush for a rest or the night and need a cup of tea or coffee. Due to the material, these mugs won’t break as easily and can be quickly washed under some running water without staining.

If you need a promotional mug to suit a range of customers including children and the adventurous, our Promotional Plastic Mugs make a sensible choice.

Promotional Personalised Plastic mugs are great because;

  • They are durable.
  • Are available in a range of colours.
  • Good for logo print.
  • Light weight & portable.
  • Safe for children & adults.

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