Different Kinds of Custom Mug Printing

Coffee mugs and other such promotional products are often used by business owners and marketers to promote a brand. They’re a simple but effective way to have an impact on the customer decision and increase visibility. However, it’s very important to create a design that would stand out and capture your customer’s attention. A small, discreet logo printed in some corner of the mug just won’t do the trick. At Ezy Mugs, we always encourage our clients to experiment with design and consider different options available to them.

Different Custom Printing Methods

Most custom printing companies will provide customers with ample choice when it comes to printing techniques. Modern technology has evolved enough to ensure that different designs and shapes can be added to the mug. Here are some of the custom mug printing techniques you can try.

Pad Print – Not everyone is willing to use flashy designs and colours. Some companies want discreet but effective branding on the coffee mugs and pad print is the perfect solution for them. It’s used to add a simple logo with high-quality details and lines. However, if you want to add a simple logo to your mug, you need to make sure that it’s located in the right place and grabs the customer’s attention immediately.

Screen Print – Monochromatic logos have their appeal, especially when you consider modern, minimalistic design preferences. However, you can never go wrong with a pop of colour. Most people are immediately attracted to pictures and logos with vivid colours and designs. The screen print technology allows customers to add full-colour logos and images to their coffee mugs.

Sublimation – This method of printing is very effective and quick. The original design is printed on a sticker paper before it’s pasted on the mug. After the sticker is on the mug, heat is applied to the surface to transfer and seal the image on the mug. This method allows printing of logos and images with a gradient.

Wrap Around Print – If you really want to have an impact on your customers, you should choose wrap around print for your coffee mugs. So, instead of a logo on just one side of the mug, you can have the image wrap around the circumference. This creates a more fluid design and has a better visual impact.

As you can see, there are many custom mug printing techniques that you can choose from. Every technique has its advantages and disadvantages. You should consult with a professional if you want more information.

If you want to give our custom mug printing a try, you can easily place an order with us at Ezy Mugs. We’re an Australian-owned and operated company that can deliver products to any corner of the country if you order a minimum of 36 pieces. Have any questions and comments? Feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call on 1300 753 675. We’ll be happy to help you in any way possible.