Twin Glass Gift Boxes

Companies often use wine or beer glasses for promotional purposes when putting together end of year gift baskets for their clients; if you do this, you’ll love our Twin Glass Gift Boxes which will keep your promotional glassware safe and scratch-free while in transit.

Our range of six different gift boxes will fit most of our promotional glassware range and includes a Beer Mug gift box, Hi-Ball/Small Wine glass gift box, Large Flute glass gift box, Large Wine glass gift box, Old Fashioned glass gift box and a Small Flute gift box; essentially no matter which of our promotional and branded glassware items you choose, you’ll be able to find a gift box suitable for presenting the glassware in. Our gift boxes can also be branded or logo printed to complete the look and style of your promotional campaign; this also helps your brand stand out further to your clients.

Our Twin Glass Gift Boxes are a great option for packaging and presenting your promotional wine or beer glasses and whether you are gifting these to your best client or a sponsor of your local soccer club, these gift boxes will help your promotional glassware make a statement.