Jugs & Carafes

Promotional Jugs & Carafes

Jugs and Carafes aren’t often thought about for promotional products but if you run a function centre, a pub or a café you’re probably using these items more than you think, and if you aren’t already using branded jugs and carafes now is the time to start. Our Jugs and Carafes range is perfect for use in any situation, and we are likely to have a style to suit your venue or office.

A logo printed 1450ml jug is great for use in restaurants and bars for serving up juices, soft drinks, spirits and beers and puts your brand in the front of your customers. On the other hand a branded Plimsoll Carafe is perfect for use in corporate offices or function centres; as guests are usually sitting for long periods of time, there is nothing more beneficial than your brand being front and centre of their mind.

Our branded 1 litre swing top bottles are great for use again in function centres and also in restaurants and cafes. These bottles can easily be branded and logo printed and as they often sit on the table while your guests are enjoying a meal or coffee, your brand will be in their line of sight helping to keep your brand in mind.

For a slightly different, yet still effective promotional glassware item, take a look at our range of jugs and carafes.