Personalised Polycarbonate Drink-ware

We all know that when it comes to events and functions it is a sure bet that glassware is going to get broken. But you may wonder what other options you have when it comes to branded glassware that isn’t actually glass.

This is where our Polycarbonate range makes a great choice. Polycarbonate glassware is made from an extremely hardwearing plastic that looks like glass but has the strength of plastic. Because of this, it is perfect for outdoor events, events involving children or for general branded glassware around the office.

Our Polycarbonates range covers various options including beer glasses, wine glasses, tumblers, beer mugs, jugs, cocktail and spirit glasses. This range includes styles that you will find in our traditional glassware range including the Conical, the Casablanca, and the Beer Stein.

The range is in a fairly traditional style but is highly suitable to a variety of promotional events. The Polycarbonate promotional glassware range can be branded or logo printed just as easily as our glassware range and look just as stylish in any setting.

If you are in need of high quality yet durable glassware range, our Polycarbonate range is budget friendly and suitable to any promotional purpose you need.