Shot & Specialty

Personalised Shot and Specialty Glasses

Shot glasses are a great little promotional item that you can be sure will be used over and over again. Our branded Shot and Speciality glasses are perfect to use for drink launches or testings, or for promotional giveaways with a bottle of your brand’s beverage.

We have a range of branded Shot and Speciality glasses to suit almost all promotional events, from the basic and traditional style of our 30ml Shot Glass through to our Kenya Irish glass which can be used to serve drinks directly.

If you are looking for a promotional merchandise shot glass to give away with a bottle of your spirits, our Boston Shot glass is a classic option, coming in both 30ml and 60ml; if however you are after a branded shot glass to give away with bottles of liqueur, than our Boston Liqueur glass is a great choice.

All of our shot & speciality glassware items are high quality and will hold your logo print extremely well – whether being used in a bar or being used at home, your brand will stay in the mind of your customers use after use. Our promotional Shot and Speciality glasses are also the perfect gift for events and corporate gift baskets, and presented with a quality bottle of your chosen beverage, will be well received by your clients.

If you are in the market for branded shot and speciality glasses that look great, look no further than our range.