Sublimated Glasses

Sublimated Digital Print Glassware

We know that sometimes companies need something slightly different for their promotional items and corporate gifts and this where our range of sublimated glasses can come in handy. Sublimation printing allows for a photo quality finish on your branded glassware, as well as allowing for text and gradients to be used when printing. The outcome is a bright, stand-out logo print that won’t be missed.

Our Sublimated Glasses range come in a couple of different styles including beer mugs and shot glasses. Due to the sublimated print style, these are a great item for any promotional campaign you have planned including drink launches and promotional merchandise as well as daily use in your bar or function centre.

If you supply beverages to businesses, these glasses are a great way to get your brand name out to potential and current customers – customers will have your branded beer glass right in front of them keeping it in the front of their mind.

The Sublimated Glasses range are the same high quality product that you will find in the rest of our glassware range and we know that your customers and clients will love receiving one of our sublimated glasses with your logo print on it.