Printed Mugs

Macho Mugs – Great Promotional Mugs

If you’re planning a big promotional campaign, you can’t go past the big mug – the Macho mug.

The Macho Mug boasts a huge 380ml capacity, big handle and big printing space of 55mm x 70mm when pad printed and 175mm x 70mm when wrap printed. These are the promotional mugs you need when you are planning a stand out promotional event.

Promotional mugs are often kept to corporate environments and given as corporate gifts, but this changes with the Macho; it’s large size and durability is perfect for not only those corporate clients, but also those who work on trade sites and work from home. A big mug means more focus on work and less on getting up and down making cups of tea and coffee that seem to go down far too quickly.

You may think that a mug this big that can handle a huge logo print is going to take up a lot of your marketing budget. It’s time to rethink that; the Macho starts at a price of $2.70 with pad printing and $3.00 with wrap printing – definitely low enough to fit into your marketing budget. Even though the Macho has a low price point, it certainly isn’t low quality.

Promotional and branded mugs are a great way to get your brand name out to potential clients and customers; whether you use them as gifts and giveaways, use them in your restaurant or café, or sell them to tourists or customers, promotional and branded mugs are going to be used for years to come, which in turn keeps your brand or venue at the front of people’s minds.

The Macho mug is your go to point when you need a big, loud promotional mug to go with your next promotional campaign.