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Drink With Promotional Coffee Mugs

What Would the World Look Like Without Promotional Coffee Mugs?

What would the world look like without promotional coffee mugs indeed!. That a great question. You know there are plenty of things that we miss during this unfortunate Wuhan virus pandemic. One of the things that people miss the most is being able to get together with friends and just have a cup of coffee. Even getting together with your work colleagues for a cuppa is sorely missed. It is like a daily ritual that for the moment at least has been put on hold. Just like so many things in our lives it is something to yearn for in… Read More

ceramic boston promotional coffee mug

Getting Back to Work With Promotional Mugs

These have been truly trying times. Who would have thought even a few short months ago that it would come to this. Not only is our country in lock down but the entire world is in lock down. This virus that originated in Wuhan China has sent the world in a tail spin but one which we hopefully will soon start to come out of. Whilst billions of people are still under some restrictions it seems as if the worst of it is nearly over. Although this will go on for some time more it seems as if this corona… Read More

Sublimation Photo Promotional Mug

Branded Mugs and Coffee Mugs are Cool

The new year has began and it is time to start planning for the year ahead. Top of that list would be planning your marketing campaign for the next year. It is important to stay connected with customers especially after they have come back form a long break. They may not necessary forget who you are is that short period but definitely it is good to give a good reminder that you are there. That is why promotional products are such a valuable tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Promotional products give you a chance to get the ball… Read More

Isar Beer Promotional Mug

Beer Mugs For An Aussie Summer

Summer is upon us yet again. It is the time of sea, sun and surf. It is also the time to sit on your lounge chair and have a cold mug of beer. It doesn't matter if it is Tooheys, Asahi or Heineken, all that matters is that it is a nice cold beer. I myself love to have a beer during summer. Truth is I also like to drink tea. I am like the Chinese who drink warm drinks even during hot days. I am not sure why but I just like it. I find sometime when I drink… Read More

stainless steel promotional mug

Stainless Steel Mugs At Work

Sometimes when you are working on the house or doing something outside it is nice to have a good cup of coffee of tea. You know those cold mornings when you are outside freezing your butt off and you just need something to warm you up. Well with times like that you want to drink your warm drink in something you can just throw in the back of the truck and not have to worry about it breaking or something. Who wants to drink out of a porcelain cup when they are on the run or at the site. That… Read More