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Digital Print Promotional Custom Mug Printing

Personalised Coffee Mugs Not Just For Winter

Coffee mugs are often associated with cold winters day when you are rugged up and sipping on a cup of warn tea or coffee. As such they are a popular promotional item to give to customers during the winter months for just that reason. Whether given individually or as in a pack with other promotional items they make a great gift item for just that purpose. That said personalised coffee mugs are an all year gift which are a great addition to any promotional campaign. Personalised coffee mugs might be associated with a warm drink but people drink tea and… Read More

Belle Promotional Mugs

Belle Porcelain Mug Excellent For Logos

The Ezymugs Belle Porcelain Mug offers nothing but the best in simplicity, style, and elegance for promotional products. When choosing between porcelain mugs and ceramic mugs, one must note that the basic difference is sustainability. Porcelain mugs are a fantastic choice when more air of elegance is desired. Where bone china mugs might offer a creamy white look, the Belle Porcelain comes in with a gleaming bright white mug in all its sturdiness and splendor. The Belle Porcelain mug has a slightly flared lip on top and a heart-shaped handle, which give a contemporary and sardonic feel with the attributes… Read More

Digital Print Promotional Custom Mug Printing

Everybody Loves Colour Change Mugs

Everybody loves colour change mugs. Then again, who doesn’t? There is something magical about filling the cup and watching it reveal the hidden message or picture on the surface. The fascinating property is what makes it stand out among the other ceramic cups. It’s the perfect awe-inspiring promotional item guaranteed to bedazzle everyone in the room. A fascinating and quirky promotional product, in contrast to the other promotional items, this mug is the real deal for your promotional uses. The cup is available in black and white and you will simply love the chameleon-like properties of the mug. It’s especially… Read More

stainless steel promotional mug

Start Your Day With a Stainless Steel Mug

Coffee is the first thing in the morning which many hard-working citizens start their routine with. Stainless steel mugs are the way to go when it comes to keeping your “magic” drink hot for a long period. Like our many other office-friendly products, the Stainless Steel Ezymugs are the perfect containers to use in an office environment. It practically beats any other mug with its sturdiness and aesthetic look. The Stainless Steel Ezymugs have it all; durability, safety, and longevity, the perfect mug for any outdoors or office activity. Not to mention the clean and smooth surface that make it… Read More

Dimple Beer Mug

History of the Dimpled Mug

While we enjoy drinking from it, the history of the dimpled mug is rather complicated and vague, yet it still managed to cement its place on the pedestal of fancy-looking beer mugs. Allegedly, the dimpled mug slowly arose to the surface during the end of the Second World War. The grenade-shaped mug tells you more than any other old veteran who is chock full of anecdotes and war stories. The design of the dimpled mug acquired the known image as a common beer’s mug, a working man’s mug. With its wide dimples, perfectly shaped to refract the light onto the… Read More