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Personalised Coffee Mugs versus Photo Coffee Mugs

Let’s face it almost the entire world drinks coffee. I don’t and people think that it is strange that I don’t, but heaps of other people do. There are so many different types of coffees these days it is like almost every man and his dog is roasting. Whatever they are doing they tend to include personalised coffee mugs in their promotions.

It used to be that people just drank instant coffee, or if it was part of their culture then Turkish style coffee. I remember my parent going to Enmore every week end to buy their coffee which they would boil in a copper jug. It was thick and gooey and its aroma would occupy the entire house. These days everybody drinks special roost coffee and those that don’t get theirs in a pod.

The Explosion of Personalised Coffee Mugs

The explosion in the popularity of coffee has also mean that coffee cups are much more in demand. Which in turn has increased the popularity of personalised coffee mugs. Personalised coffee mugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You get everything from the big can mugs to the more elegant flared mugs. Some people even continue to drink their coffee out of a coffee cup.

Their popularity has meant that companies are using them more often as a promotional gift. Especially during these crazy times where budgets are tight and you really need to think hard about what to give customers.

Add Your Logo For Added Impact

Whilst mugs are easy to print with a company logo what some people don’t realise is the options that they have available for them. Beside the normal logo print you can also go with the wrap around print but also the personalised photo mugs are a great option. Sometimes it is easy to just settle for the easy option, not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but it is also worth while thinking outside the square.

With personalised photo mugs to can simply go wild. You don’t have to think about the constraint that come with pad printing or screen printing. With photo coffee mugs the sky is the limit because it is a digital print which means you can print almost anything.

At Ezy Mugs we have a huge range of customised coffee mugs which are great for promotional marketing campaign. We have everything from your classical mug to more modern one. If you are looking bundling other promotional products which you mugs then check our Ezy Promos as well. You are sure to find what you are looking for on our site.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs