Personalised Photo Mugs Not Just For You Mug

Often-wise people ask me how do you get your photo in the paper. Well I really can’t answer that question because if I new the answer I would do it myself. Seems to be everyone these days want to be rich and famous and get their mug in magazines and on the television. With personalised photo mugs it is easy.

What I say to that is if you really want to get your mug our there then put it on a mug. So in other words put your mug on a mug. “How do I do that?”, you may ask. We it is quite easy. Put it on a photo mug.

Bring some stability to your life

Some people like to play the stock market. Some say it is like a casino and I tend to agree. One moment it is up and then next it is down. You really can’t tell where it is going to go from day to day. Some people even say it is a mugs game. So you see the term mug gets used a lot these days. Yet again I say that the best mug out there is the photo mug.

It is the only mug that makes you feel good. It is the only place you would want to put your face. But enough about faces. Really what you would put there is any photo. The reason a photo mug exists is that sometime what you are trying to print is too complex or just needs to look so lifelike that the only real option is a sublimation print.

Personalised Photo Mugs

Personalised Photo Mugs