History of the Dimpled Mug

While we enjoy drinking from it, the history of the dimpled mug is rather complicated and vague, yet it still managed to cement its place on the pedestal of fancy-looking beer mugs. Allegedly, the dimpled mug slowly arose to the surface during the end of the Second World War. The grenade-shaped mug tells you more than any other old veteran who is chock full of anecdotes and war stories.

The design of the dimpled mug acquired the known image as a common beer’s mug, a working man’s mug. With its wide dimples, perfectly shaped to refract the light onto the beer, this beer mug makes you better appreciate not just the look of the mug but the enlightened liquid within it.

After the war, this standard beer mug quickly went into absolute decline and disappearance. The modernist alcoholics in the 60s preferred their mugs be with a lighter weight, the beer in it had to be visible and with no light breakages, and sadly, no dimples.

Popular for their durability and secure weight, the soldiers of WWII favored the catastrophe-proof glass, as the thickness and density ensured no breakage and a merry clinking. As for the explanation for the dimple-shaped nature, it was manufactured like that most likely due to the simple fact that the industry saved on glass production, lowering the demand of glass material, so it was not just for esthetics and beauty.

The dimpled mug is the definition of a perfect beer design. The convex mug has a wider top, with walls thick enough to withstand even the mightiest of clinks. The thick handle is also a plus, while the thick walls do their best to hold the low temperatures for a pretty long time out of the freezer.

True beer-drinkers will love the mug’s wide top, as it will be much easier to appreciate the beer’s distinct smell and aroma. It’s a true classic of the beer-drinker’s delight. Of course, not everybody appreciates the dimple’s trait to breaking the light, especially those who want to see their bear clear. Others are more content with it, as they prefer that the dimples offer a specific trait which sustains the light within the beer, giving it a lively, vivid feel and look.

Most importantly, this prominent mug is characteristic and typical to the almighty Oktoberfest. We have all seen it. It’s a staple of the festival itself and the mug is also valued as a collector’s item too!

The Dimple Beer Mug is absolutely fantastic for all kinds of family celebrations, weddings, bars and pubs, and many other events and gatherings, guaranteed to introduce the old ways and feels of a perfect celebration. Everyone will respect the texture, look, and the specific characteristics of the dimpled mug, perfect as a promotional merchandise mug that will catch anyone’s attention, as well as holding their beer.

The Dimple Beer Mug comes in a 285ml size and a large one of 570ml. If you are looking for glassware that you want to send out as gifts, the Dimple Beer Mug is your best bet.