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Custom Mug Printing

Promo is a funny business. Not “ha ha” funny but more “Ha” funny with a capital “H” and and extended “aaa”. The reason for that is because just when you think you know it all you find out that there are still things that you did not know. With custom mug printing it is not a laughing matter. More on that later.

After all with tens of thousands of products how could you possible know everything there is to know about promotional products. You would have to be some kind of professor or sage to know absolutely everything. Even though I must admit I have come across some people in the industry that know a lot about the subject.

Take custom mug printing and all in entails. One would think that it is a simple concept with simple solutions. In some cases it may very well be a simple solution. Maybe the customer is using a simple can mug, one of the most common coffee mugs on the market. Then they want to print a one colour print on the front of the mug.

You see something like that is the easiest think in the world to achieve. It is such a simple task that you would expect almost anyone in the corporate gifts industry to success. That would be a fair call because in the community of custom mug printing it really is a task without major complications

 Mug Printing Methods

There are indeed a number of mug printing methods available that are worthwhile knowing about if you plan on doing some mug printing of your own. You see mug printing, whilst an art in itself, is not that complicated. If fact if you know what you’re dealing with it can be, on the one hand, quite simple, and on the other hand also invigorating. The most important thing to know about custom mug printing before you embark on a mug printing adventure is:

  • What kind of mug do you need. Simple can mug or a flare mug etc.
  • The logo that you want to print on the coffee mug.
  • What you want to achieve with your logo print on the mug.

Once all of the above is understood then it becomes all the more easier to understand what needs to be and done how.

Long Logos

Take long logos. Sometimes companies either have a really long logo which can simply be printed straight onto the coffee mug. With this kind of logo a simple pad print just won’t work. So what do you do? You go for the wrap around print. With the wrap around print you are basically able to print a logo or message right around the mug. When you first see it you will wonder how it was ever possible. But when you look at how it is done the simplicity becomes apparent and you understand how if was possible to achieve such a print on a coffee mug.

 Colourful Logos or Photos

Some times people have really colourful logos that they want to print or a photo. Whilst you might think that it is the same method for both it really isn’t. If you want to print a colourful logo or a logo with a gradient on a promotional coffee mug then you need to use sublimation print. Sublimation print pretty much uses a digital printer to print the logo.

If you are looking to print a photo on a mug then it is literally called a “photo mug”. Whilst a photo mug also uses a digital printer of sorts it is a different method. That is because printing a photo requires more sophistication than just printing a few colours.

So when you delve into the world of custom mug printing it is important to understand that there are different mug printing methods. These methods are determines by what you want and how you expect to achieve it. Once you understand this the simple promotional mug or coffee mug will never be the same again.

Custom Mug Printing

Custom Mug Printing