You Can Drink Tea From A Coffee Mug

The Dow Jones closed up over 1% last Friday so it was safe to assume that the markets would be up here today. I mean the futures index also showed that the DJ would rise another 1% although that has come down a bit. Still after falling quite heavily in the last three closes I would have assumed that the market would be up today. A coffee mug would have come in handy I bet.

I was thinking at least 1% and it started off promising. But who would have thought that Westpac would announce a capital raising and suspend their shares from the ASX until tomorrow. Nobody that’s who. Yes they did. So what began as a good start to the day ended pretty quickly. I mean it is still up but not where I thought it would be.

When tea beats stress

My bet was that after falling from over $80.00 only a few days ago that it would fall to under $77.00. I certainly didn’t. I mean it was up this morning and then it came crashing down. Will it go back up? I am thinking that it will. It generally ends the day up. What would make sense at this point is to have a cup of tea even if it means using your coffee mug.

I mean shares might go up and down but so too does your coffee mug as you are drinking that delicious cup of tea. Most people put sugar in their tea but I don’t. I drink my camomile tea without sugar because it taste better and why would you want to ruin your tea with sugar.

Tea from a coffee mug?

Drinking tea out of tea cups is fine but I prefer to use a coffee mug. Coffee mugs generally carry a higher volume so you get to drink more tea then you would with a mere tea cup. This is important as you don’t want to continuously have to fill up your cup. It is not as if you are having a tea ceremony, you are just having a cuppa. I remember every time I went to China to visit the factories that would have a whole setup happening.

They would continuously be pouring you tea, and me being the kind of guy I am would keep drinking it. This made in interesting on my way back to the hotel as all that tea would make you want to go to the toilet whilst you are stuck in traffic. Believe you me, you don’t want to be stuck in traffic in China when you need to go to the toilet.

A Coffee Mug

A Coffee Mug