Keep Warm With Personalised Coffee Mugs This Autumn

Again we are on the topic of cooler months today. As we all know if is getting cooler now which gives us the opportunity to look at what new promotional products we might want to give our customers. Personalised Coffee Mugs are a great gift to give in winter and there are heaps of options to consider. Not only do you have your regular coffee mugs but also Personalised Travel Mugs which are always a treat and Stainless Steel Mugs. Here we explore the benefits of each.

You can’t go wrong with personalised coffee mugs

That is so true. You really can’t go wrong with personalised coffee mugs. Who out there doesn’t like a nice cuppa. Especially on a cool day people everywhere reach for their coffee mug. You don’t even have to be a coffee lover. Some people with have tea. Others will just have hot water. There are also those who prefer a soup. Anyway you look at it they need their coffee mug so why not just give them a personalised coffee mug with your logo print.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Nothing like a personalised travel mug

True that! People in this country are always on the move so a personalised travel mug is always welcome. Indeed personalised travel mugs have always been a popular item. Most people will carry them around in their car or truck and you don’t have to be a trades person to enjoy one. Each and every morning you will see people leaving their homes with a travel mug in tow. So why not give them a personalised travel mug instead? You can brand it with your logo for a bit of name recognition. What a great idea!

Personalised Travel Mugs

Give stainless steel mugs a go!

You don’t have to be on the move to enjoy a nice warm cuppa. Sometimes it is nice to just sit outside and enjoy a beautiful day. What makes it even better is if you have a nice hot drink to go with it. That is why stainless steel mugs are a great idea. They are sturdy so you don’t have to worry about dropping them and breaking them. Stainless steel mugs are as tough as they go. Again a stainless steel mug is great for branding so they make a great corporate gift.

Whether your are look for one of these items or something else to promote your branded give us a call. Our friendly staff are always happy to help and offer some advise. Come on! What have you got to lose?


Stainless Steel Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs Are All The Rage

It is hard to remember when personalised coffee mugs were not so popular. It is one of those products that has endured the test of time. Whilst other products have fallen to the wayside the little old personalise coffee mug has persisted. I mean just the other day I got a coffee mug branded with the Tesla logo. I asked “where did this come from”. Apparently some kid was having a birthday party and he is obsessed with Teslas so him mum gave one to everyone at the party. So it is not just the corporate big wigs that enjoy getting the odd personalised mug, it is everyone.

Mugs in All Shapes and Sizes

The good think is that coffee mugs come in all shapes and sizes so when you are looking at personalising one you have a lot of options. Personalised coffee mugs are one fo the most versatile corporate gifts out they. They rank up there with promotional pens and corporate apparel when it comes to promotional products. Indeed I would be surprise if there is not a personalised coffee mugs for every man, woman and child on the planet, that’s how popular they are.

The best thing about them is that they last long. Ceramic might be a breakable material but it sure is strong. How many times have you dropped a ceramic mug only to have it survive. Sure sometimes the handle falls off which explains why there are so many handleless mugs out there.

The Prefect Christmas Gift

Now with Christmas coming what better time to start thinking about what to get your customers and clients this year. Do you really think they are wanting some elaborate gift this year? No, they just want something simple that is useful and that serves a purpose. Just like a personalised coffee mug.

Ezy Mugs is a premium supplier of custom coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are great when combined with other promotional products. If you are looking at running a full marketing campaign feel free to check out our full range of products at Ezy Promos.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs versus Photo Coffee Mugs

Let’s face it almost the entire world drinks coffee. I don’t and people think that it is strange that I don’t, but heaps of other people do. There are so many different types of coffees these days it is like almost every man and his dog is roasting. Whatever they are doing they tend to include personalised coffee mugs in their promotions.

It used to be that people just drank instant coffee, or if it was part of their culture then Turkish style coffee. I remember my parent going to Enmore every week end to buy their coffee which they would boil in a copper jug. It was thick and gooey and its aroma would occupy the entire house. These days everybody drinks special roost coffee and those that don’t get theirs in a pod.

The Explosion of Personalised Coffee Mugs

The explosion in the popularity of coffee has also mean that coffee cups are much more in demand. Which in turn has increased the popularity of personalised coffee mugs. Personalised coffee mugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You get everything from the big can mugs to the more elegant flared mugs. Some people even continue to drink their coffee out of a coffee cup.

Their popularity has meant that companies are using them more often as a promotional gift. Especially during these crazy times where budgets are tight and you really need to think hard about what to give customers.

Add Your Logo For Added Impact

Whilst mugs are easy to print with a company logo what some people don’t realise is the options that they have available for them. Beside the normal logo print you can also go with the wrap around print but also the personalised photo mugs are a great option. Sometimes it is easy to just settle for the easy option, not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but it is also worth while thinking outside the square.

With personalised photo mugs to can simply go wild. You don’t have to think about the constraint that come with pad printing or screen printing. With photo coffee mugs the sky is the limit because it is a digital print which means you can print almost anything.

At Ezy Mugs we have a huge range of customised coffee mugs which are great for promotional marketing campaign. We have everything from your classical mug to more modern one. If you are looking bundling other promotional products which you mugs then check our Ezy Promos as well. You are sure to find what you are looking for on our site.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs For Sports Promotions

If you were sitting at the recent NRL grand final between the Rosters and Canberra Raiders you would have heard a peculiar sound. No I am not talking about the half time entertainment, or non-entertainment depending on your view point. You did even hear the sound of one hand clapping. What you would have heard was the gradual chanting of “we want personalised coffee mugs, we want personalised coffee mugs”. Louder and louder it went until the crown broke out into a roar and the whole stadium erupted.

It was a marvellous spectacle to watch and even more to listen to. A whole crowd asking for, no begging for a personalised coffee mug. It is not something that you would expect at a footy grand final. I am not saying everybody heard it. Indeed it was not even broadcast on television. But I heard it load and clear.

All Sports Love Promotional Coffee Mugs

The same thing happened watching the recent UFC234. Watching a fight between two men with nothing at all against each other and there it was, this faint chant of fans also asking for their personalised coffee mugs. Why at the the UFC I hear you ask. I beats the hell out of me but seemingly it happened. I don’t know if it was just in my head but I heard it.

The sound of a million fan screaming out for their very own personalised coffee mugs will never leave me. I don’t think anyone in that position would forget about such an incident. It is totally and utterly unforgettable. Just like the song by Nat King Cole says, “Your unforgettable…”. They did yell out for a free t-shirt, or a custom printed pen with the UFC logo. No, they yelled out for a coffee mug.

It might be hard to believe but coffee mugs are a sort after item. It is no surprise that people at the two above sporting evens would be so keen to get their hands on one. Sitting there watch a match of any sort can be quite taxing on the body and the mind. Especially if you have to watch preliminary games or fights, as would be the case with the NRL and UFC.

Who Doesn’t Love A Coffee At The Sports?

So having a coffee handy really helps. The problem is who has the energy to walk to the bar for just a coffee. Not to mention that the coffee would probably be dodgy. It is infinitely easier to bring your own coffee which is where a personalised coffee mug comes into play.

Just imagine if the UFC or NRL had indeed given their spectators a branded mug to take in the game with them. They could have even partners with a coffee brand and do a cross promotion. It would have been great for the fans and great for brand recognition. Unfortunately they didn’t have someone like me on their marketing team to recommend such a brilliant idea.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs Not Just For Winter

Personalised Coffee Mugs are often associated with cold winters day when you are rugged up and sipping on a cup of warn tea or coffee. As such they are a popular promotional item to give to customers during the winter months for just that reason. Whether given individually or as in a pack with other promotional items they make a great gift item for just that purpose.

That said a personalised coffee mug is an all year gift which are a great addition to any promotional campaign. Personalised coffee mugs might be associated with a warm drink but people drink tea and coffee all year round. It is not just a winter drink. Also a coffee mug need not just be used for drinking a warm drink. There are those who also drink water out of a mug or any other cold drink. People are usually very guarded about their coffee mugs and like to keep them close by.

That is why a personalised coffee mugs is a great gift to give on any occasion. If you a hard pressed to think of a promotional product to use in a marketing campaign or just as a corporate gift then coffee mugs is the way to go. So no matter what month of the year or season, choose a personalised coffee mug for your next campaign.

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised Coffee Mugs