How Can Promotional Mugs Help Your Brand?

It’s not easy for a brand to gain visibility and recognition in today’s crowded market. Most industries are saturated with a large number of businesses that vie for customer attention and they use sophisticated marketing campaigns to do that. At Ezy Mugs, we believe in simple and effective solutions and recommend promotional mugs to our customers. These mugs are a great way to catch the attention of your target audience and they don’t require much by way of investment.

How Can Promotional Mugs Help Your Brand?

Promotional mugs are simple and straightforward, which is why many people believe they won’t work well in a modern business environment. They have been around for several years now and most businesses have tried to use them at least once in the marketing campaigns. If you use them well, they can help your brand visibility and here’s how:

  • They have Real-Life Use and Value – Mugs are useful items time. They can be used to drink beverages, hold pens and pencils, or as a desk accessory. Unlike other promotional items or modern marketing strategies, promotional mugs have real-life use and that makes them very effective tools to market your brand.
  • They’re Highly Visible – Promotional mugs are very visible and even if your target audience uses them as a desk accessory, they’re constantly exposed to your brand name and logo. People in their vicinity are also exposed to these mugs and therefore your brand and logo. This helps with brand recognition as your logo and company name would be imprinted in their minds.
  • They’re Durable – Unlike other marketing tools, promotional mugs are very durable and don’t require any reinvestment. Once you gift it to your customers, they’ll be exposed to it for several years to some and will passively promote your brand as long as they are intact.

How to Use Them?

As we mentioned before, promotional mugs must be utilized well to get the best results. Here are some tips on how to use them:

  • Make sure you get the best quality mugs if you intend to distribute them to your customers and business associates. Don’t gift them randomly. You should wait until you have a valid reason to hand out promotional mugs. You can distribute them on holidays, in conferences, conventions, and other such events, or hand them out during product launches or corporate parties.
  • Sell them at your store to increase brand loyalty. Many brands sell items with their logos on them to increase brand value with the customers.

If you want to give our promotional mugs a try, you can easily place an order with us at Ezy Mugs. We’re an Australian-owned and operated company that can deliver products to any corner of the country if you order a minimum of 36 pieces. Have any questions and comments? Feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call on 1300 753 675. We’ll be happy to help you in any way possible.

The Different Custom Mug Printing Techniques

Custom mug printing is a great way to create personalized gifts and promotional items for your business. However, it’s not easy to create a durable print on the mug surface and companies use different techniques to transfer the print onto the slippery, glass like surface of a coffee mug. These printing techniques have their advantages and disadvantages and some techniques cost more than others. Here’s a brief explanation about custom mug printing techniques from Ezy Mugs.
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Carnivale Mug Great Personalised Mug

Are you struggling to find a great promotional mug that offers something slightly different?

The Carnivale Mug is the perfect combination between the classic white mug, and the modern brightly coloured mugs.

Coffee mugs are a great promotional tool, simply because they get used over and over again. When looking for promotional items for your business, you’ll find items that have a long-term usability, like mugs, are more beneficial to marketing your business than a single-use item like a packet of branded lollies.

The Carnivale Mug has four great colour options – white/white, white/black, white/cobalt blue and white/pink. With a large pad print space of 50mm x 60mm your business logo will look great on the classic white background and offset by the bright coloured inside.

There is another great benefit of our Carnivale Mug apart from the contrasting colours. Often when buying a promotional coffee mug, you’ll find them to be quite small or hard to hold. These mugs come in a huge 350ml capacity with a large handle making it easy to hold. This large capacity will be welcomed by your customers and clients, especially on those tough days where coffee goes down just as easily as water.

Here at Ezymugs, we know that finding the perfect branded coffee mug can be difficult – the size, the colour, the logo printing space and the price all come into play when choosing a promo mug for your business. The Carnivale Mug ticks all the right boxes when it comes to these decisions; you can even team up the Carnivale Mug with one of our bright mug boxes making it perfect for giving as gifts to your clients and customers.

If your business is in need of a good promotional coffee mug and you’re looking for something slightly different, you can’t go past the Carnivale Mug.

Tower Promotional Personalised Photo Mug

In need of a tall mug to help your brand get out to new clients and customers? When people talk about “big mugs” they often mean mugs with a capacity of 350ml, maybe 400ml. Our Tower Photo Mug truly is a big mug. With a capacity of 480ml and a large print area, the Tower Photo Mug is a great promotional mug.

Promotional mugs are a great way to get your message or brand across – who doesn’t have a coffee mug in their home or office kitchen? Why not make it be your promotional mug they reach for instead of some bland department store mug? Our promotional Tower Photo Mug is a sound choice for any of your customers or clients, new and old; it can easily travel from the boardroom to the work site, blend in with any office setting while still standing out, and is especially good for events where you might need to print the brand names of event sponsors.

These branded mugs are also a great choice if you need a giveaway option for your customers or event attendees. Due to their size, they aren’t just great for a simple mug; they can also be filled with other goodies such as lollies, chocolates and stationery which gives you even more branding opportunities.

The Tower Photo Mug is a well-made and quality mug; boasting benefits such as its large size, large logo print area, multi-use function and tapered look, your customers and clients will love having one of these turn up at their office or work site.

The Promo Perfect Belle Porcelain Mug

Sometimes you just need a promotional coffee mug that oozes style while still remaining a classic design. The Belle Porcelain Mug is perfect for your clients who work in the corporate world and need stylish coffee mugs around the office. The Belle Porcelain Mug is a bright white promotional mug and is suitable for a range of promotional campaigns or ongoing branding opportunities. Due to the style of the mug, they are also perfect for use in cafes and restaurants when you need something different to the traditional style café crockery.

When looking for a promotional coffee mug, companies are often after a product which will help their logo and marketing message stand out. The Belle is a great choice for this; with a 330ml capacity and a white background, your logo print is certainly going to stand out. Even better is that the Belle Porcelain promotional mug is budget friendly, so you receive a great looking mug without breaking your marketing budget.

Companies often choose a standard coffee mug for their promotional campaigns, thinking that the stock-standard style will suit everyone. While that is correct, the point of a promotional mug is choosing one that everyone will love, and then use. In turn, this shows off your brand to people who may never have heard of your company.

The Belle is a popular promotional mug with a range of clients. The flared lip and heart-shaped, easy to hold handle mean that it is a great choice for any of your clients or customers, while the style and quality porcelain material provide a quality, good looking mug.

If you need a good looking but traditionally styled quality promotional coffee mug, you can’t go past the Belle.

Macho Mugs – Great Promotional Mugs

If you’re planning a big promotional campaign, you can’t go past the big mug – the Macho mug.

The Macho Mug boasts a huge 380ml capacity, big handle and big printing space of 55mm x 70mm when pad printed and 175mm x 70mm when wrap printed. These are the promotional mugs you need when you are planning a stand out promotional event.

Promotional mugs are often kept to corporate environments and given as corporate gifts, but this changes with the Macho; it’s large size and durability is perfect for not only those corporate clients, but also those who work on trade sites and work from home. A big mug means more focus on work and less on getting up and down making cups of tea and coffee that seem to go down far too quickly.

You may think that a mug this big that can handle a huge logo print is going to take up a lot of your marketing budget. It’s time to rethink that; the Macho starts at a price of $2.70 with pad printing and $3.00 with wrap printing – definitely low enough to fit into your marketing budget. Even though the Macho has a low price point, it certainly isn’t low quality.

Promotional and branded mugs are a great way to get your brand name out to potential clients and customers; whether you use them as gifts and giveaways, use them in your restaurant or café, or sell them to tourists or customers, promotional and branded mugs are going to be used for years to come, which in turn keeps your brand or venue at the front of people’s minds.

The Macho mug is your go to point when you need a big, loud promotional mug to go with your next promotional campaign.

Promotional Mugs News

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