Photo Mugs Remind You of Whats Good

The world can sometimes be a harsh place. There are also sorts of political upheavals. The stock marketing are constantly going in the wrong direction. People have bad luck from time to time. Generally it is a real shamozzle  no matter how you look at it. Which is why it is soo important to try and stay happy all the time. With photo mugs you’re half way there.

With all the challenges we are faced with there needs to be a counter balance. You need to find a way to disconnect with the negative and connect with the positive. Whilst some might find it hard you just need to put on your thinking cap and you will find a way.

To help with positivity it is good to be creative. If there is something that makes you happy then put it on a photo mug. Whether it is a of someplace you like or someone you love you can simple get a photo and get it printed on a coffee mug.

Coffee mugs are the kind of thing you carry around with you all over the place so it only makes sense that you would like to use it as a means to bring happiness back in your life. Photo mugs are the perfect solution for turning that frown up side down. That is turning a frown into a smile. What better way to do it than with a photo mug of something that makes you happier in life.

Photo Mugs Are Popular In The Field of Promotional Products

Photo mugs and coffee mugs in general have been used in the field of promotional products for a very long time. Indeed the coffee mug is certainly one of the most popular promotional items you will find out there in the world of gift giving. If you check the statistics you will find that what I am saying is definitely true. You would find that the most popular items go something like this:

  1. Promotional Pens
  2. Custom Apparel
  3. Caps
  4. Coffee Mugs

It might not be in that exact order but you would find that it is pretty close. That is why integrating a photo mug into a promotional or marketing campaign is the best thing since slice bread. It is indeed a very smart choice. Not only are there hundreds of mugs from which to choose, you can also print almost anything on them. You also have a number of different printing methods available to you so you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get that logo or photo on the coffee mug in the first place.

A wise person once said, “It is better to think twice about one thing than to think once about two”. That is surely the case with coffee mugs, promotional mugs and photo mugs as well. You don’t have to think hard to realise that you are getting the best gift that money can buy. Just like my top for promotional products list says, it is definitely in the top four of most popular products. So you don’t need to think too hard about it.

Photo Mugs

Sublimation Photo Mugs

Personalised Photo Mugs Not Just For You Mug

Often-wise people ask me how do you get your photo in the paper. Well I really can’t answer that question because if I new the answer I would do it myself. Seems to be everyone these days want to be rich and famous and get their mug in magazines and on the television. With personalised photo mugs it is easy.

What I say to that is if you really want to get your mug our there then put it on a mug. So in other words put your mug on a mug. “How do I do that?”, you may ask. We it is quite easy. Put it on a photo mug.

Bring some stability to your life

Some people like to play the stock market. Some say it is like a casino and I tend to agree. One moment it is up and then next it is down. You really can’t tell where it is going to go from day to day. Some people even say it is a mugs game. So you see the term mug gets used a lot these days. Yet again I say that the best mug out there is the photo mug.

It is the only mug that makes you feel good. It is the only place you would want to put your face. But enough about faces. Really what you would put there is any photo. The reason a photo mug exists is that sometime what you are trying to print is too complex or just needs to look so lifelike that the only real option is a sublimation print.

Personalised Photo Mugs

Personalised Photo Mugs

Promotional Mugs for Winter Promo

Winter is finally upon us after what seemed an endless summer. The wind is blowing, the rain is falling and it is even snowing in the mountains. In these times of cold weather is it easy to think of sitting at home or in the office sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate or soup. There is nothing like warming yourself with a hot beverage when it is cold outside. Custom printed promotional mugs are a great way to do just that.

So think how grateful your customers will be when you gift them a nice mug this winter. At Ezymugs we have a great range of branded mugs available for your next corporate gift or giveaway. We have a promotional mugs to meet any budget and any occasion. Simply look at our extensive range or promotional mugs to see what a great assortment we have. We have a large range which includes:

  • Ceramic Mugs
  • Plastic Mugs
  • Porcelain Mugs
  • Stainless Steel Mugs
  • Photo Mugs
  • Sublimation Mugs

Ceramic Promotional Mugs

Our ceramic promotional mugs are probably the largest of our range. These coffee mugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also come in a price range which will ensure you don’t break your marketing budget. There are solid colour mugs, two tone mugs, flare mugs and can mugs just to name a few. There are mugs which are a bit more elaborate and those which have a simple design. All the Ceramic mugs can be branded with your logo to make sure your customers remember you only those cold nights at home when they are sipping away at their coffee or tea.

Plastic Mugs

Plastic mugs are a great idea if you want a durable mug which will stand the test of time. The are light weight and sturdy and are sure to be in use for years to come. Again they are easily branded with your logo or message of choice. The same can be said about the other mugs which we have on offer which are destined to make any marketing campaign shine.

Promotional Mugs

Colour Change Mugs For Added Impact

Do you need a promotional mug that is different from the rest? What about two promotional messages you’d like to combine into the one coffee mug? Colour Change branded mugs are a great option for a promotional campaign for almost any business.

There are two major advantages of Colour Change branded mugs. Firstly, they are interesting and will certainly get the attention of your customers and clients, as well as anyone who will see them. Secondly, they allow you to have two promotional messages rather than the standard one message. Your clients and customers simply need to pour hot liquids into the mug and while one message disappears, another appears.

Promotional coffee mugs are a great promotional product choice for a range of uses – adding into corporate gift baskets, adding into event gift bags, promotional giveaways, promotional merchandise, or simply giving to new clients. If you run a funky coffee shop, these mugs are perfect for advertising your business or products.

These promotional mugs come with a couple of different printing methods. The base print is a sublimation print, which simply means that your finished base print will have a photo quality finish that is bright and glossy. The overprint (or the top print) is available in a pad print or wrap print. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure these mugs will stand out amongst any others your customers or clients may have.

Colour Change promotional mugs are a perfect branded mug for a promotional campaign with a difference that your clients and customers will love.

Promotional Mugs News

Welcome to Ezymugs. Ezymugs is one of the largest suppliers of promotional mugs in Australian. We offer premium mugs printed with you company name. Ezymugs supply both premium mugs and more economical style mugs to suit your every campaign. From your basic Can Mug to the curvaceous Barrel Mug we have it all.

Our printing service offers basic print from one to four colour. With more complex logos we have digital print available or photo print for added impact.

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