Boston Promotional Shot Glasses

Are you looking for a range of good quality promotional shot glasses for your business or your next event?

If so, you can’t go past our Boston Shot Glass range; with three products in this range, the Boston Shot Glasses are well made, stylish and contemporary and will fit in with any hospitality or event business, as well as being a great option for gifts and gift baskets for the end of year or as part of corporate events.

These promotional shot glasses – the 40ml Boston Shot Glass, the 60ml Boston Shot Glass and the 30ml Boston Liqueur glass – are all budget friendly glassware and hold a great promotional logo print to help get your business name in front of your customers and clients.

Our customers have purchased these branded shot glasses for a range of purposes – they’ve been used for everything from the traditional bar use through to being used as decorations or gifts on wedding tables and at corporate events.

The Boston Liqueur is one of the most popular options in our entire promotional shot glass range due to its stylish look and its 30ml size makes it perfect for tasting nights or as promotional giveaways with your next drink promotion.

Both the 40ml and 60ml Boston branded shot glasses have a traditional style and are favoured by hotels, bars and restaurants due to their accurate measurement and contemporary look.

In the highly competitive drinks market and hospitality market you need something that is going to help your brand stand out from your competitors; the Boston promotional shot glass range will do just this, while keeping your brand looking contemporary.

The Crysta III Wine Glass Range

Crysta Personalised Wine Glasses

Our customers are in love with our promotional Crysta III range – it’s perfect for functions and events, and goes great presented in one of our gift boxes with a bottle of wine or good quality beer. With seven products in the range – the Beer Glass, the Footed Beer Glass, the Flute, the Saucer Champagne, the 160ml Wine, the 210ml Wine and the 260ml Wine – this range has something to suit everyone.

Here at EzyMugs we know that finding stylish branded beer and wine glasses can be difficult – more often than not, you’ll find a great looking glass only to find out it doesn’t really hold a logo print well. The Crysta III range is completely different. These glasses have plenty of printing space, and they look great with a pad print.

While the Crysta III range is a little more on the expensive end, the quality really shows with these glasses. The modern style is combined with a well-made glass ensuring your customers and clients get as much use as possible from the glassware.

The Crysta 260ml wine glass is the perfect red wine glass, while the Crysta 160ml will suit either red or white wine. The Crysta 160ml is a good option for presenting with white wine and the Crysta Flute goes perfectly with a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne. Our Crysta Saucer Champagne glass is a popular choice with customers using it for either champagne or cocktails.

Moving onto our beer glass range, both the Beer Glass and the Footed Beer Glass look great. The Beer Glass is a more rounded style, making it perfect for weddings and functions, while the Footed Beer Glass will look great on any restaurant or bar table.

When it comes to choosing a promotional beer glass or a branded wine glass for your next company gift baskets, a promo beer or wine glass to give to your customers to use in their business or to stock up for your function and events centre, the Crysta III range brings a touch of style that not many other glasses can.