Kenya Irish Great Promotional Mug

When it comes to serving your drinks up to customers, you need something stylish and easy to drink from. While many shot glasses are only used to prepare drinks, when you need to serve a drink from a speciality glass you can’t go past the Kenya Irish.

With a 230ml capacity these glasses make perfect sense to use as a promotional glass. With the option to colour print your logo and a large printing space, the Kenya Irish is a great way to help promote your brand or your latest drink creation.

Our Kenya Irish glass is perfect for use in function centres, restaurants, cafes and bars, and makes for a great wedding gift with your favourite bottle of liquor for your bridal party or guests. Printed with your name and wedding date, they make a great keepsake.

Looking for a great branded glass for your next corporate function? With a minimum order of 72, these are a handy little promotional tool. Use them for drinks at your corporate dinner or as giveaways in gift or event bags.

Promotional glasses are used by many drinks brands around the world; used to promote new drinks, as giveaways or in giftpacks. While many businesses use the standard shot glass to help promote your brand, with the Kenya Irish you can help your business stand out.

If your business needs a great new promotional speciality glass, you can’t go past the Kenya Irish.

Stainless Steel Promotional Mug

Do you work in one of those office settings where your coffee goes cold the minute you sit down at your desk? Perhaps you work outdoors and love a coffee or tea at lunch but it’s really hard to keep it warm during those cold winter months? Or maybe you love getting out and camping and hiking during the weekends and holidays but hate drinking from plastic mugs.

We have the solution to all of your problems – the branded 220ml Stainless Steel Mug. This promotional mug is perfect for any of your clients and customers who either don’t get a chance to drink their coffee while it’s still hot, or work and play in an environment where a ceramic mug just isn’t practicable.

This Stainless Steel Mug will keep a coffee or tea warmer for longer, and due to the stainless steel finish, will look great with an engraved logo print, pad print or screen print. Depending on the printing method chosen, your logo print will range in size from 40mm x 40mm through to 185mm x 70mm giving you plenty of room to get your brand name out there.

We know that promotional mugs, especially promotional thermal mugs, can be expensive to buy and while our Stainless Steel Mug is a good quality make, it won’t go breaking the marketing department’s budget.

The Stainless Steel Mug is a great option for a range of promotional purposes including giveaways and corporate gifts and can be presented in a range of gift boxes or as part of an overall gift hamper. They are also a good option for event giveaways and can be easily included in event or function gift bags without needing to worry about them breaking on the way home.

For a quality promotional coffee mug that your customers will love, you can’t go past the Stainless Steel Mug.