Personalised Tea Cup 160ml

Often when companies focus on promotional mugs, coffee mugs are the more popular mugs chosen. This means there are a large number of tea drinkers missing out on promotional mugs while their coffee drinking friends are getting all the great looking mugs.

If you run a restaurant or café, you know how difficult it can be to get a good quality tea mug that is able to be branded with your logo. Most are too small, and they often don’t fit in with your coffee cup range.

The 160ml tea cup is a great choice for a promotional tea mug, either to fit in with your current coffee mug range or if you are looking at updating your entire range. The classic white colour gives you a great starting point for a logo print, while also keeping the mug looking classic and stylish.

A promotional tea cup isn’t just a good choice for cafes and restaurants though; if you are in charge of putting together your end of year corporate gifts, or sell tea packs, the 160ml branded tea cup is a great addition to your gift basket or gift pack (especially when teamed with a 142mm branded saucer) and can help your brand stand out even more.

Your tea drinking clients and customers deserve their own promotional tea mugs, so if you are in the market to expand your range, or for something different to add to your current promotional range, the 160ml tea cup is a great choice.