Personalised Travel Mugs for Summer

When people think travel mugs they often think a warm cup of coffee sitting in a lodge on some far flung mountain side. I bet that when they think travel mugs all they think about is cold weather and somewhere hiding from the elements trying to stay warm. Whilst it might be true some times of the year it is not true all the time. That’s why personalised travel mugs much so much sense.

Indeed a travel mug is useful in all sort of scenarios and in all sorts of setting. If you look hard enough you will see as many travel mugs when you go to the beach as you do when you go to skiing at Thredbo.

Travel mugs for all beverages

The truth is that travel mugs are great for all sorts of beverages. The point about a travel mug is that you can take it with you wherever you go so whether you put something warm in it or something cold it entirely up to you. Of course you would want to make sure you pick the travel mug that is most suited for the kind of beverage you would most like to drink.

When drinking hot beverages like tea or coffee then sometimes it is best to consider a double walled mug. It will keep the drink warmer, longer and will be kinder to your hands. You might even want to consider a thermos. This is where personalised travel mugs come in handy.

So now that we agree that a travel mug is good for hot and cold weather, it might be to make the point of how good personalised travel mugs would be for your summer promotion. Personalised travel mugs are indeed a great summer promotional gift. As I said previously people are just inclined to take them to the beach as they are to the snow. There is nothing better then have a nice cold drink to keep you hydrated whilst sun baking on the beach in the sun.

Enjoy the convenience of have your own drink

There is nothing worse then having to wait in that canteen line trying to buy a drink. Firstly you are sure to be over paying for it and how want to wait in the line while some kids tries to decide between a sausage roll or a bag of chips. Why not take both kid and be done with it.

That is why companies have long understood the value of adding a personalised travel mug to their promotional campaign. As far as promotional products go the travel mug is a great addition to any marketing campaign. The added benefit is that you know you are helping out your customers by keeping then nice and cool in the sun, whilst they are having fun, with everyone.

Personalised Travel Mugs

Personalised Travel Mugs


Promotional Travel Mugs for Sporting Events

When thinking about the many great applications for promotional travel mugs one can not look past sporting events.  Sporting events and promotions for sporting events are an ideal place to utilise personalised travel mugs. They are a great gift for many reasons and will be sure to impress your customers. Who amongst us has yearn for a warm cup of coffee whilst watching our favour football, cricket of soccer team play in the middle of winter. Even in summer you can substitute your warm coffee with a travel mug full of cold tea. A good mug not only keeps liquid warm it also keeps it cold.

We have a large range of promotional travel mugs available which are all great depending on your branding needs. The metal travel mugs are great for printing but can also be laser engraved. The laser engrave is durable and looks great. We also have plastic travel mugs which can be screen printed and come in a variety of colours.

So in essence personalised promotional travel mugs are:

  • Great for sporting event
  • Great for all outdoor events
  • Can be used with both cold and warm drinks.
  • Are available in plastic and metal
  • Can be laser engraved or screen printed.

So what are you waiting for? Call Ezymugs today for your next promotional travel mug campaign.