Start Your Day With a Stainless Steel Mug

Coffee is the first thing in the morning which many hard-working citizens start their routine with. Stainless steel mugs are the way to go when it comes to keeping your “magic” drink hot for a long period. Like our many other office-friendly products, the Stainless Steel Ezymugs are the perfect containers to use in an office environment.

It practically beats any other mug with its sturdiness and aesthetic look. The Stainless Steel Ezymugs have it all; durability, safety, and longevity, the perfect mug for any outdoors or office activity. Not to mention the clean and smooth surface that make it easy to get your brand, logo or message across, the mugs are a popular product among our customers.

Their main characteristic is that they are sturdy enough to avoid any breakage and are extremely easy to clean – just rinse and that’s it. It’s also wonderful to use when you go out in the great outdoors or when traveling. In comparison to ceramic materials, stainless steel has managed to revolutionize the cup and turn it into the ultimate beverage container.

How many times have you had the rather annoying experience of tasting your coffee cold, while working under stress and pressure? Not everyone gets to focus on their very important work while having the luxury of drinking coffee at the same time. The Ezymugs Stainless Steel cup will make sure that the temperature will be kept for longer periods of time and keep your precious energy liquid hot, all thanks to the properties the stainless steel boasts.

Not only do these cups fit in perfectly with the sharp office environment, but they are great for the outdoors like hiking and traveling. Their durability makes them perfect for it, ensuring no breakage while in use or in the over-cramped baggage.

The Ezymug stainless steel cup does not retain smell. This means that whatever you put in it, whether orange juice, hot cocoa, protein shakes, the cup does not absorb the smell of the liquid.

Another thing which makes the stainless steel mug a leader in promotional items is the option of printing and engraving. The smooth steel surface offers ease and you can choose three different sizes of printing anything you’d like, provided if the image fits the dimensions. Our Stainless Steel Mugs offer the choice to get your company or brand known.

In contrast to the basic ceramic mug traits, the stainless steel mugs are strong, durable, and lightweight. Nothing can top this ultimate combo of strength-to weight ratio, as they are practically unbreakable. They are also easier for transport and will lower your expenses, judging from the towering prices for shipping.

To make matters even more interesting, the cup resists corrosion. Yes sir, nothing like a proper quality stainless steel to solve your rust problems, unlike other metal containers. Corrosion is a thing of the past with these cups, ensuring they last for years and years.

The Ezymug stainless steel container is for you. As a promotional product, stainless steel mugs truly stand unmatched among the other promotional products like pens or caps. Additionally, their unique characteristics and perks are not what make them great, but it’s their continued use which will always remain unleveled in the coffee and beverage business. Unless a new and better metal alloy is discovered, the stainless steel will keep on being the ultimate in modern day beverage containers.