The Classic Cervoise Beer Glass

Personalised Beer Glasses

The classic Cervoise Beer glass – if you need a promotional or branded beer glass for your next event or function you can’t go past this good looking glass. Its stylish design lends itself to a variety of uses from dinner functions to fundraising events, from gift basket additions to gifts for outstanding staff performance.

Glassware has long been held as a great promotional tool, and the Cervoise is one of our most popular beer glasses; some of our clients for this range includes function centres, beer makers, wedding and event organisers and high level corporate businesses. What all of these customers have in common is that they are all looking for a well-made, well designed beer glass that will work in a range of settings and circumstances.

While our Cervoise Beer glasses sit more towards the expensive end of the market they are well worth the extra cost. Available in two sizes, you’ll have plenty of room for your logo print; a good quality glass combined with a great logo print will have customers remembering who you are for a long time to come – and for such a reasonably decent outlay, you can have your business promoted for years.

The Cervoise Beer glass is a great choice for Christmas gift baskets or congratulatory gift baskets. Of course, a good looking glass needs to be well presented, and this glass looks great when professionally presented in one of our glass gift boxes; the gift boxes help to finish off your overall look, as well as presenting the glass during transit.

We love the Cervoise Beer glass – the stylish look will see it being used over and over, while being well-made will ensure your promotional glass keeps looking good throughout every use.