Stainless Steel Mugs At Work

Sometimes when you are working on the house or doing something outside it is nice to have a good cup of coffee of tea. You know those cold mornings when you are outside freezing your butt off and you just need something to warm you up. Well with times like that you want to drink your warm drink in something you can just throw in the back of the truck and not have to worry about it breaking or something. Who wants to drink out of a porcelain cup when they are on the run or at the site. That is why having stainless steel mugs is such a great idea.

With a stainless steel mugs to don’t have to worry about your crockery. You simple fill it with your favourite beverage and when you are done you give it a rinse and that’s it.

Great when you are hard at work

Not long ago I was doing some work at a mates house. We had to dig a trend ten meters long. It was 600mm deep and 600mm wide so it was quite a lot of work. We didn’t have a back hoe so we decided to do it by hand. It is not the ideal way to tackle a job like that but it is not the first time we had to do it. I have dug many a hole in my life for things like foundations and the such.

This particular time was no different. What was also the same was that I had my trusting stainless steel mug. We all had stainless steel mugs. With my steel mug handy it was great. I have a cuppa in the morning. Again I simple gave it a rinse when done. After that I just clipped it to my belt and when ever I got thirsty I only need to pour some water in to it to have a drink. Great!

You know trades people have the complete setup when it comes to nourishment. You get hungry and thirsty doing hard work. That is why most trades people have their esky. You need to stock up with sandwiches, fruit, salad and any other thing you want to eat when you are working. You also need to have adequate water and other beverages.

A tuff mug for tuff trades

What you don’t want is to have to deal with fragile stuff that ¬†will break at the first knock. That is why no matter what work site you go to you will see guys and girls with their stainless steel mugs having a drink. It is one of the most trusted tools you can have. If you don’t believe me then see for yourself. I reckon it won’t take long before you see what I am talking about. Good day mate!

Stainless Steel Mugs

Stainless Steel Mugs